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  1. I know this thread is old, but I had a slightly different problem to Centerfold, and hope this reply might be of use to someone. I'm not tidy; my trash was overlowing, and "Empty Trash" just wouldn't work, whatever I tried. I could delete individual items, but there were SO many it was a nightmare. I noticed that right at the bottom of my Trash bin was a copy of the Library folder (how did it get there? No idea). I couldn't delete it, move it, nothing. It dawned on me at this point that maybe I couldn't empty trash because the Library folder is deemed essential. What I was able to do thou
  2. Has any consideration been given to making Sansar a geographically contiguous (albeit expanding) world rather than one full of holes and dead zones as in SL? It would be amazing to have a world which is fully connected and navigable/crossable from end to end.
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