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  1. Hi guys, thanks for responding. Specifically, I was hoping to find a place that has some drama going on ... more than just the acting itself. I'm talking about cliques, shady managers... egos... desparation. I'm finding nothing. Oh well, could have entertained me for awhile.
  2. Hi there... I am wondering if there are any roleplay communities that maybe have a Hollywood type theme or something that might cater to actors/performers?
  3. Hi all, I am looking for a roleplay partner, must be an adult human according to the rules of the community that I live in. I'm looking for a relationship, can be short term or long term, for roleplay purposes. Basically, I want somebody that can help me progress my storyline a bit, which is heading into a golddigger type storyline with a little bit of a twist (I can explain later and please I am not asking for money, I pay my own way). I don't know if there might be a place I can go to find what I'm looking for or if such a place could even exist. I've tried a couple of dating agencies (might try some more) but it seems like a lot of people want relationships that exist outside of sl... I just want to have some fun in world. If there is anyone that might be up for something like this, or are there any places I could go specifically for this kind of thing?
  4. Is there one big bowling alley that people seem to like and that possibly have leagues? I love bowling and now I'd like to mingle a bit when playing. Maybe in a community? Thanks!
  5. I know there are some communities that probably offer a service like that. I currently live in Strattford County and they have a roleplay office where you can find a job, take beginner roleplay classes, and I think they have a thing for joining storylines. It's adult rated, so no kids allowed, but might help. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral Moon/211/160/28
  6. I live in a small community and those who live there hang out a lot, they run a radio station and most of us are on on the weekends. It's kind of cool, I don't really want to do premium but the music they play is good and it's nice to listen to them do it live. they have a small casino in there too for freeplay only. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Osato/117/11/3006
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