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  1. ok so this is my problem i try to purchase linden with my debit card and it keeps telling me that it is cancelled i check my debit card account to make sure that the is sufficient funds on there to make the purchase of the amount of linden that i want a there is but then check this out i scroll down and i see two transaction from linden lab charging my account for attempted purchases of linden that i never received????? I have had this problem before and and second life took 4 usd dollars from my account i filled a case and it was never resolved to i was just like whatever 4 dollars fine u can have it but now it's trying to do it again i purchased a vanilla one prepaid debit visa card i only put 20.00usd dollars on it i tried to purchase linden i am very aware of the 30 cent charge and the dollar charge to purchase linden but it never went thought but they sure did go ahead and take their dollar i guess that went through successfully but not my request here is the statement link file:///Users/MsJazmineRanea21/Documents/my%20prepaid%20card%20review%20for%20second.pdf
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