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  1. i went through somethin like this when i started sl i was given something hence why they say take nothin from strangers and then the guy had control of my avi but a hr and a half thats insane i mean the guy that did it to me controlled my viewer and i couldnt shut out and once he started tryin to do sexual things to me i turned off my computer he couldnt control that so its hard to believe if she didnt want it she stayed logged in so he could control her but too eaches on thats my opinion
  2. i would say if you only look for rich then im glad im not that and even if i was i wouldnt want to hang out with people so shallow minded. i own all the things i want in sl and have all the valuable things that cant be bought with money irl so im happy with who i am good luck finding the shallow end of the pool of ladies
  3. i messaged inworld.... i have experience as a Manager as well as a GM of clubs.
  4. im not sure if this is the place to ask but not sure where else it fits either. so i just came back to sl not long ago and clearing out things from a ex. well i have babies that i no longer want memory with him so i went to a zooby adoption and are selling them. then i went to funsies to their adoption area and i may be wrong but does it not let you sell your babies for adoption there? also i have a bunch of toys and diapers and food and what not i can no longer use. i dont plan to go back to funsies but i would love to help someone out. any bit of money would help me cause i spent alot into t
  5. im interested as well message me inworld carolinarozene
  6. im interested as well nc me inworld carolinarozene Resident please
  7. Looking to hire some reliable hosts please stop by and grab an app and send back to me today. Sat. 24th for 5 hrs that day I will be taking applications and doing interviews all day. 100% Tips Flexible Schedule Understanding Environment No Drama Team Players We also hire just fill-ins if you can't commit to 2 shifts a week. Hope to get to meet you soon. We prefer skilled hosts but if your not its not the end of the world but you must have basic knowledge of sl so at least 30 days old unless you can prove you have an older avatar.
  8. Looking for a Dj Tuesday 12PM-2PM slt 2pm - 4pm slt Wed. 10am-12pm slt Thursday 10am - 12PM slt Saturday 4pm - 6pm slt ------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for Host/ess Tuesday 12-2pmslt 2-4PMSLT Wed 12-2pmslt 4PM-6PM slt Friday 10am - 12pm slt 12-2pmslt Saturday 10am - 12pm slt 12-2pmslt 2-4pm slt 4-6pm slt We are looking for dependable people so if
  9. now hiring following shifts Looking for a Dj - Wednesday 10am-12pmslt Looking for Host/ess Tuesday 12-2pmslt Tuesday 2-4PMSLT Wednesday 12-2pmslt Friday 12-2pmslt Saturday 12-2pmslt
  10. update on what we are hiring for still take a look and contact us if you can fill these shifts TUESDAY 12PM-2PM - DJ NEEDED THURSDAY 10AM-12PM - DJ NEEDED 12-2PM - DJ NEEDED FRIDAY 10AM-12PM - DJ NEEDED & HOST NEEDED 12PM-2PM - DJ NEEDED & HOST NEEDED SATURDAY 10AM-12PM - HOST NEEDED
  11. We are a new and upcoming club looking to find just the right dedicated staff. We are looking for dj's that can play anything as long as it isn't heavy metal. Also, both host and dj's get 100% of their tips. We prefer that you have some knowledge of hosting as well as dj please, but also know that isn't a must. We require at least 30 days old unless you can prove its an alt. We are fun and love to play around so if you want to be part of a cool club where the managers and owner are laid back and relax with no drama then you have found the right club. Stop by today and fill out an application o
  12. so is this decorating job or designing sorry this whole post got me confused what you are needing
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