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  1. This FCC regulation as it exists (Obama 2015) is a double edged sword that we must think about carefully. It is true, that the IP companies may be able to make changes at their own discretion - and yeah it may effect pricing etc. in our internet experience. HOWEVER; with FCC controlling our internet in the United States, it also opens the door for more GOVERNMENT control if the internet. You can be assured that other things like the internet monitoring of U.S. citizens, via Homeland Security will be expanded from more than it already is. I am of the opinion that the intent of our national freedoms involve choice, privacy and free market self-regulation. FCC control of our internet in essence is just another step into the Orwellian '1984' concept of government - MORE control of U.S. citizens and their private activities - initiated and enacted by Obama and a Democratic congress of that time. In America, business is business and used to be what made America great until socialism began changing our Federal laws.
  2. OK technically if may not have a rigtht mouse click zoom ..You are just imagining things - right? But yeah it does and I know exactly what you are looking to restore. It happened to me when I updated Firestorm and was part of the new 'default settings. Try this: Go to preferences > Move and View > View > run Distance slider up from default 1.00 to whatever. The higher the number, the more 'apparent' magnification youi get. I ran my slider all the way out to 3.00 and now I get a real good 'sniper' zoom using my right mouse button.
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