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  1. I'm now a "respectable seller" with a premium account and 2 little lands I own "legally". But when I was younger in sl, I was a squatter. But I tried to be an "ethic" squatter. What does it mean ? It mean I was very carefull about the use of target land. I rezzed some stuff and waited a certain time to be sure the owner wasn't taking any care of his parcel. Only after a long "testing", I rezzed my home or skybox on the "abandonned" land (not really abandonned, as real abandonned lands are not rezz-allowed). With this method, I was fired only a very few times and kept most of squatted lands for month or years. Most of the time, squatting end happened when LL closed the parcel, which turned as "abandonned land". I lived for almost 3 years in nice homes rezzed on squatted parcels without harming any owner. Owners must assume the settings they choose for their lands. In my actual lands, I close rezz permissions and scripts for others. Never been bored by any squatter...
  2. Experiencing the same prob for some days : sim-crossing crash and TP crash. Satisfied to know I'm not the only one...
  3. Squatting... a big question. I have been both : squatter and squatted. I was squatter when I was "young" in SL. But I would say "ethic squatter". Why ? Because I was living on land which really seemed abandonned. Bought in 2007 or 2008, with very old stuff on it, some "stranger" stuff not removed by owner... I never squatted "living" places. Such squatting doesn't really hurts anyone and gives to SL a little freedom taste, even I know SL is only business, not different than RL. Gently playing with rules is exciting when it doesn't hurt anyone. I was squatted too in the Linden home I aquired later. People came inside the house and rezzed stuff. Sure I was angry. But what ? In RL I don't let my door opened when I'm away. I don't let the keys in the car. It was my fault. SL gives us many means to protect our land. Then I configured the land to make rez impossible and put banlines around. I hate banlines, especially on coastal waterways, but my Linden home isn't in such a land... What I wanted to say is that squatting is fun, but it must be done in a "ethical way". Owners can protect their areas, limiting rez to their group. If they don't, they can't complain about squatters.
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