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  1. Hello, these type of jewelry are so fun! Astralia has a great selection to choose from. LM & Marketplace RealEvil Industries has a marvelous collection to choose from too. LM & Marketplace AvaWay has quite a few as well. LM & Marketplace Elle Boutique (formerly Slipper Original) has several of them. LM & Marketplace MANDALA Jewelry has several as well. LM & Marketplace That's all I can think of as of right now but I think that should help you some! I feel like I'm forgetting some other great stores but my brain is refusing to work hehe~
  2. Hi!~ Such a cute skirt, I have some in real life that I wish could be uploaded into SL! Regarding your question, I know {amiable} has several skirts similar to that in a variety of prints and colors. I can't login to SL right now but I found a few from {amiable} on the Marketplace. Once, I can get back on to SL, I can look at my inventory and send you some more places if you would like. I think S@bbia might have some too. I can't think of anything else (for sure anyways) atm. I added two outfits with the skirt too~ {amiable} Flared Midi Skirt - Fatpack, {amiable} Natural Cardigan an
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