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  1. Hello, these type of jewelry are so fun! Astralia has a great selection to choose from. LM & Marketplace RealEvil Industries has a marvelous collection to choose from too. LM & Marketplace AvaWay has quite a few as well. LM & Marketplace Elle Boutique (formerly Slipper Original) has several of them. LM & Marketplace MANDALA Jewelry has several as well. LM & Marketplace That's all I can think of as of right now but I think that should help you some! I feel like I'm forgetting some other great stores but my brain is refusing to work hehe~
  2. Hi!~ Such a cute skirt, I have some in real life that I wish could be uploaded into SL! Regarding your question, I know {amiable} has several skirts similar to that in a variety of prints and colors. I can't login to SL right now but I found a few from {amiable} on the Marketplace. Once, I can get back on to SL, I can look at my inventory and send you some more places if you would like. I think S@bbia might have some too. I can't think of anything else (for sure anyways) atm. I added two outfits with the skirt too~ {amiable} Flared Midi Skirt - Fatpack, {amiable} Natural Cardigan and Flared Midi Skirt / Outfit - Fatpack , {amiable} Sailor Blouse and Midi Skirt The skirts are sold individually too, in case you don't want a fatpack. As for tops, there's so many in SL! Do you have a preference? or an example? Something elegant to me might not be to you. {amiable}, Tres Blah, Cest La Vie, and Blueberry have some of my favorite tops~ Feel free to IM me in-world if you want to go look at some stuff together or I can just send you landmarks if that's easier for you! Whichever is more convenient for you :3 Also, may I ask which body do you have? It will help me filter brands that don't cater to your body~
  3. Omg! >.< Thank you so much! You are a life savior! I have no idea why or how I change those settings. I can be a little loopy and absent minded sometimes! Along with a little short term memory loss... Again thank you so much!~
  4. I knew it was weird! Maybe something is hinky with my viewer. I'm currently using Firestorm Right? I thought that's how it's suppose to be, right click item > edit > item open in build tool already selected and ready to edit. But somehow mine doesn't automatically get selected even though I opened it from the item. I'm using Firestorm too so...I have no idea what's going on... Hmm, I wouldn't know. I never used LL viewers. I have always use Firestorm. But the problem isn't really about editing the item itself, since the item edits fine. It's just the initial right click to edit the item, the item doesn't get selected when I click edit. It opens a blank build tool and then I would have to select the item again to get it to show up.
  5. Hey! I haven't used it before but from what I read here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Preview_Grid#How do I log in to Aditi? It should still be accessible!~ It may be under "Second Life Beta" instead of the name Aditi on different viewers. Hope this helps~
  6. Hello~ I'm not sure where this should go but I figure general discussion should be a safe bet. After being away from SL for 2 years, I found some things are quite different from when I was playing. Back when I was playing, I could right click any object or item (whether rezzed, attached, or in my inventory) and edit the object and the build tool menu would appear with the item already selected within the menu. Now when I right click and edit, it stills open the build tool menu but would remain blank (as nothing has been selected). Which would then require me to find the object or item I wish to edit and select it again. The questions are: Is this something new or was changed? Is it something within my viewer (Firestorm - Latest Version)? How would I change it to return it to this (if possible)? Often it wouldn't be too much of a problem to just find the object or item again to select it while the build tool menu is open but there are certain things especially small accessories that get lost within me or doesn't attach where it supposed to be and editing by going in from my inventory would be easier to find or click. I'm also aware of other methods to finding objects and items, I'm just wondering if this is something new or if I'm an idiot and forgot to change something in the settings. Thank you so much for your help & time!~ Here are some pictures to in case you guys need it.
  7. Hi!~ I'm fairly new to SL and would love to be your friend!~ I'm not looking for a relationship either (since I have a bf irl) hehe! I'm not sure what we have in common but we can find out!~ You seem like a really sweet person! Feel free to IM me in-game if your interested!~ xMegitsune Resident
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