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  1. For some meshes the creator offers a developers kit, it's a way to allow you to change the features of the mesh without changing the mesh directly. You should be able to use your own textures through the developers kit, but may have to, say, use the kit to input a UUID for your texture and it can relay it to the mesh in order to show up. I'd suggest asking the creator.
  2. I noticed when I logged on today that my avatars teeth completely disappeared.. it looks really freaky and I can't figure out how to fix it. I've restarted, cleared cache, changed outfits, nothing works. I normally have a smiling AO on and now it just opens to a gaping mouth of darkness.. halp! **EDIT: So it turns out its like her entire mouth is gone.. tongue, everything. Nothing there.. I detached everything and it still has the same problem :\ Thanks for your response! It ended up working... miraculous!
  3. So my avi's teeth kind of just randomly disappeared.. and I don't know how to fix it. My smiling AO looks freaky now that it opens to a gaping black hole.. what do I do?!
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