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  1. So I have researched the methods of stop blinking as you have suggested. It seems I need to write a code to override this built-in "eye" animation which is mentioned at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Internal_Animations. https://gyazo.com/3098f3d8ffbf49a21d818d5f668b377f Is my understanding correct? If so, how do I make animation to override such a built-in animation? I see that other facial huds (such as the anypose one) cannot override that blinking animation. The avatar is still blinking when making hud-controlled animations.
  2. This is very helpful! Not only for the rezzing floor command but also for other commands. Thank you very much! I can always learn something when I post in this forum.
  3. Thank you for the affirmative negative answer. The problem we are facing, is that some people visiting our land always wear very script heavy items which are rarely used (and we think they never use any thing during their visit). We have notified them several times but they do not care to change that. They are our acquaintance. We do not wanna ban them. However we do not want our own scripts running slowly when they are visiting. So I am thinking about how to seamlessly stop them from running scripts in our land without ejecting them or even notifying them (since they do not care). I wil
  4. Yes, I want to do that. As I have seen there seems to be no available tools to do this. So I will research the method the viewers use to only allow group members to run scripts, and modify that method to accomplish my goal.
  5. Thank you for this tutorial. However, 1. most of the time the very reason why I wanna use scripts to rez objects is because I am floating in the air with nothing around me (no floors, for example) as an anchor. 2. I do not wanna put the object in something else (the rezzer) before I can rez it. So what I want is some script that can 1. directly rez an object from my inventory, not from a rezzer, and with object name (or UUID) NOT predetermined in the script. 2. can rez the object within a relative position in reference to me (the avatar), not in reference of a rezzer which need to b
  6. Thank you, but may I ask how this function (running script for a specific group) in SL is achieved? If I know the principle or source code implementing this run script function, then I can change the code for my own need.
  7. Hello, I need some hint on how to interact and edit with scripts that control the face of the classic no mesh head. More particularly, I wanna know how product like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AnyPose-Expression/2613652 is achieved. Just a hint directing me to related script library will be enough. No need for telling me details. Thank you very much!
  8. Hello. Our group owns a parcel in mainland. We want to know how to stop scripts running for one particular avatar (or for one particular group) while let everyone know else run scripts normally. We think it should be possible because I see from firestorm’s land control tool that there is tick boxes letting you to choose whether allow everyone or your group only to run scripts. So I think the script alllowing me to do what I propose should exist in the library, and we just need an interface. Thank you very much
  9. Hello, I have been trying to find a method to stop blinking of eyes for classic avatars with classic eyes. I searched the topic first and I am aware of the following two posts: http://forums-archive.secondlife.com/52/8a/48446/1.html http://forums-archive.secondlife.com/54/c1/44479/1.html However, I cannot get any useful information from them. So I am asking here about that. I am particularly confused about "using scripts". I need to know where do you put those scripts, what to do if the head/eyes/scalp are no-mod. In one word I have no clue at all on how to stop eyes from blin
  10. That is extremely helpful. And thank you for your offer of helping me on site. I am currently studying all the information you have given me and will definitely seek your help if I have unsolved questions. The store and flickr of William Weaver is instrumental. I have followed him on flickr. His photo studio seems quite advanced too. I will check them once I have time in SL.
  11. I have tried a very dark WL, which is Ambient Dark. When there is no filter, it is like this, I think it is dark enough: However, when I add the Light Leak filter, it is like this: So it still seems not right. It is so tricky! Does Light Leak only works with few selected WL settings? My graphic setting is with everything maximized.
  12. Thank you so much for your detailed replies with examples. It is very helpful! And it seems I need to memorize the various (and there are a lot) WL presets to know which to use in time of need. I have tried many of them but I always get lost in the huge collection of available presets, and many of them does not have easy-to-identify names. Do you have a few recommendations on how to memorize and choose the WL presets?
  13. Thank you very much and your images are absolutely stunning. May I ask if you use those filters directly? For example, the light leak effect provided in the photo tool is always too strong for me. If I turn it on, I can see nothing but blinding light. For example, this is what the Light Leak appear in my photos: As you can see, the light is way too strong to have a pleasant effect. The same thing happens to other filters. Their effect are all too strong and there is no slider in firestorm to adjust their magnitude. It seems you controlled the light pretty well. How do you achieve
  14. Thanks for your answer. I do think my question is on-topic, since I am asking if those options have relative artistic value. The "how to delete if on one use it" is just a collateral question conditional on whether they have value or not. And I would appreciate it if you share with me whether you use those filters I named for any occasion and your reasons to do so.
  15. Hello, recently I am considering to participate in a photo contest. I have checked the already posted photos on the contest site, And found many of them (and I believe that it is a general genre of SL photo as well) have the following traits: they do not strive for real-life like effect, and generally have little to no shadows, but they are very bright, vivid, and offer the viewer a pleasant, refreshing experience from inspecting them. Two examples are here: I have been focusing on the light and shadowing effect on photos, and I cannot replicate the similar effect on these photos (and th
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