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  1. That is extremely helpful. And thank you for your offer of helping me on site. I am currently studying all the information you have given me and will definitely seek your help if I have unsolved questions. The store and flickr of William Weaver is instrumental. I have followed him on flickr. His photo studio seems quite advanced too. I will check them once I have time in SL.
  2. I have tried a very dark WL, which is Ambient Dark. When there is no filter, it is like this, I think it is dark enough: However, when I add the Light Leak filter, it is like this: So it still seems not right. It is so tricky! Does Light Leak only works with few selected WL settings? My graphic setting is with everything maximized.
  3. Thank you so much for your detailed replies with examples. It is very helpful! And it seems I need to memorize the various (and there are a lot) WL presets to know which to use in time of need. I have tried many of them but I always get lost in the huge collection of available presets, and many of them does not have easy-to-identify names. Do you have a few recommendations on how to memorize and choose the WL presets?
  4. Thank you very much and your images are absolutely stunning. May I ask if you use those filters directly? For example, the light leak effect provided in the photo tool is always too strong for me. If I turn it on, I can see nothing but blinding light. For example, this is what the Light Leak appear in my photos: As you can see, the light is way too strong to have a pleasant effect. The same thing happens to other filters. Their effect are all too strong and there is no slider in firestorm to adjust their magnitude. It seems you controlled the light pretty well. How do you achieve that? Are you applying other filters together as well?
  5. Thanks for your answer. I do think my question is on-topic, since I am asking if those options have relative artistic value. The "how to delete if on one use it" is just a collateral question conditional on whether they have value or not. And I would appreciate it if you share with me whether you use those filters I named for any occasion and your reasons to do so.
  6. Hello, recently I am considering to participate in a photo contest. I have checked the already posted photos on the contest site, And found many of them (and I believe that it is a general genre of SL photo as well) have the following traits: they do not strive for real-life like effect, and generally have little to no shadows, but they are very bright, vivid, and offer the viewer a pleasant, refreshing experience from inspecting them. Two examples are here: I have been focusing on the light and shadowing effect on photos, and I cannot replicate the similar effect on these photos (and there are many of such photos as I view SL photo sites regularly). I would very much like to learn how those effect are achieved. Which WindLight, graphic, timing of the day, Phototools filter, and PhotoShop (or PIMP, or other post-processing software) settings should be used for me to shoot these photos? Thank you very much for your suggestion.
  7. Hello, when I use Firestorm's built-in photo tools I found that the following filters that comes with the tool are never used by me for once, they are: Bad Trip, Glowing Edges, Jules Verne, Linearize, Light Leak, Sharpen, The Matrix, Video Does anyone know when those can be actually utilized? And how can I delete those if I never use them? Thank you very much!
  8. Both groups are owned by me, I wanna make one residential and the other commercial, that is why I deed them to different groups. And I want to give one group more prim counts than it should have proportionally with its land size. Thank you very much!
  9. Thanks for showing this, but I think in my settings, the slider of "performance" is between "high" and "ultra" for my normal setting and is on "ultra" for my photography setting. While on yours, it is between "low" and "mid". I do not exactly know what does this slide does but it should have some impact. And, we were not on the exact same spot. I have a lightning source (the yellow bulb) in the screenshot as you can see. Having that while with LOD and/or shadows enabled can dramatically reduce FPS. As we know that the FPS of SL can change vehemently even if you move a tiny distance or angle. I will return to that place and test my FPS at the exact same spot shown in your picture.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I went to Tralala's Diner and stood here as the attached picture indicated for several minutes. When I use my "normal" setting, I was getting 30-35 FPS. When I use "photography" setting (which as you can see is the ultra quality plus a few further tweaks), I was getting 15-25 FPS. Graphic card usage was around 40% (an incredibly high figure considering I am using RTX 2080). I did not test using my old CPU since I have already changed my PC. Another interesting finding is that overclocking the CPU has negative performance impact on SL. When I overclocked my i9-9900k to 5.3 ghz in single core and 5.0 ghz for all cores (which is a 0.3 ghz increase of CPU frequency), my FPS actually reduced a bit (around 3-5 FPS). I am guessing that maybe SL is also sensitive to memory clock. And when I overclock, I may accidentally changed the clock of the memory (I am using automatic overclocking feature of my motherboard which sets everything for me), but it is not convincing even for myself.
  11. Hello, I have recently had some hardware changes, so I gather some first-hand experience on what is most important for the FPS of SL. I would love to share them. This may be long so let me first sum up my conclusion: 1. SL performance in high to ultra graphic settings depends primarily on CPU, SSD and much much less on (even the best) GPU. Spend most of your budget on a good CPU and SSD if you want good SL experience. 2. SL may be the most taxing 3D application (not sure if SL is a game). Even with my latest PC it is impossible to push FPS above 60 on ultra settings at 1920*1080 resolution. I switch between two graphic presets: Normal and Photography. As the name suggests, Normal preset is for normal play and Photography is only used for taking photos. The major difference is that normal does not have shadows on while Photography has all shadows. As shadows is a huge performance hit even only Sun/Moon is turned on. Normal: Photography: I always use Firestorm Release 55786. I play windowed. Resolution is 1920*1071, AntiAliasing is at 2X. I initially played with the following PC: CPU: i7-5820k , first OCed to 4.0 ghz, then to 4.4 ghz; SSD: Samsung 960 EVO 1 TB; Graphic card: first GTX 980Ti then upgraded to RTX 2080 foundation edition; Memory: 3*8G DDR 4 at 2133. As you can see, my initial PC is already at the high end. The 960 EVO SSD is already one of the performance level SSD. I always make sure that both the game and my cache is set on the SSD of course. Yet at the very first, when my CPU was at 4 ghz with GTX 980 Ti, my FPS in the game is very low: even at the "Normal" setting, in my home my FPS stays at about 10-30. It is similar in other regions with lots of detailed mesh objects or people. If I use the Photography setting, my FPS will drop to below 10, which is hardly playable (it requires at least 24 FPS for human eyes to believe that you are animating in the world instead of playing slides) My first change is to OC the CPU to 4.4 ghz. Performance almost stayed the same with no visible FPS gains. Then I upgraded from GTX 980 Ti to RTX 2080. I had about 10% increased FPS, which is about 1 to 2 FPS in my home. So, upgrading your graphic card alone cannot get you a lot of performance boost, even if the GPU is a very modern one. GPU usage is at about 10%. I need to do simulation work in my field of study that requires a lot of CPU power, so I decided to buy a new computer. It certainly can help the SL too. So I have had a chance to run SL on my new PC. It is a very modern one: CPU: i9-9900k at 5.0 ghz (single core) or 4.7 ghz (all 8 cores); SSD: Samsung 970 Pro 1 TB; Graphic card: RTX 2080 foundation edition; Memory: 4*8G DDR 4 at 3000. And this time, I have a huge FPS increase. At the same place, my FPS is about 2 to 4 times as the original ones. I now have constant 50-60 FPS. If I uncheck limit FPS to 60 I can have 50-80 FPS, all the the same place with the same graphic settings. Even with Photographic settings, I can still have 15-50 FPS. GPU usage now is about 25%. Clearly GPU is being more utilized since the bottleneck on CPU abated. So from this, the conclusion seems to be that on high to ultra graphic settings, the FPS of SL depends mostly on CPU and a lot less on GPU. If you want to have a good performance, invest on latest Intel CPU with high frequency. GPU is less important. SSD should be important as well but I do not possess enough information on that aspect, (Samsung 970 pro is not significantly better than 960 EVO), but it is very likely that you will need a high performance SSD. It is very surprising to see that i9-9900k at 4.7 ghz can be 3 to 5 times faster than i7-5820k at 4.4 ghz in SL.
  12. Hello, I am a premium member and I paid annual premium fee of $72.00 on Sep 2. At Oct 15 I upgraded tier from default to 1/4. So I wonder when will my tier fee be charged? Nov 2 or Nov 15 or other date? And I am using my tier to contribute to the group mainland holding. I am the only one that pays the land usage fee for our group. If my credit card is declined, what will happen? Will I have a chance to use my second payment method (such as Paypal) to pay the tier fee again? Will my group lose land if my payment fail to process? Thank you very much.
  13. Thank you! Another problem is, we now have thousands of items rezzed in the land and deeded to the current group. If we change the group, how do we deal with those items?
  14. Hello, we just bought a land from some company. Our group is the same group we use to rent the land, with people from the company as group owners. After we have paid their asked price in full, there are still three people from their company remaining as group owners, and they are offline and cannot be reached. We feel a bit insecure with them still as group owners, so we want to make a new group and deed our land to the new group. The problem is, I am the only premium member, and I am currently making my land contribution solely for the current group. The land is exactly 1/4 region tier and I am using 1/4 region tier in land manage. If we make the new group, it will still be me that make land contribution to the new group. I understand that the land tier and the corresponding monthly usage fee is calculated based on the PEAK land usage for the billing cycle. So, what I want to ask is: 1. Do I need to make land contribution for the new group before I can buy land for the new group? 2. If I need to, how do I transfer the land from the old group to the new group while still only pay the 1/4 region tier for this month? Thank you very much.
  15. JessieHoo

    No redeliver option for marketplace purchases?

    So, that means purchases from MP are less protected and whether they can be redelivered depends totally on if the merchant has time and patience to read and process your notecard? Not mentioning that if I want to attach a "proof of purchase", I need to spend $10 to upload an invoice, and not mentioning that due to the very out-dated and primitive online order history, if I want to find an invoice several months ago, it may take forever for me to locate it.