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  1. Thank you for the responses everyone. My staff and I got it figured out to a workable thing. And to further clear up what I had mentioned earlier, the sim I manage caters to all species in SecondLife but we are adult region, we do have adult items and stuff....the main focus was determining what qualifies any species as kid or cub avatar etc as in any avatar that would break LL tos by being on an adult sim with sexual items to prevent any LL tos breaking to happen on our estate by anyone. Due to the responses from here and the chat with livechat with a Linden Lab personnel over this, I got th
  2. and also if you look for me inworld it won't be under this name, ironically, my name change has not hit the community secondlife on change yet. .. my SL actual name is CJ Dallas. It's just one of them things as to why the name has not updated to the new one I have no idea.
  3. Polenth, as a shape shifter in SL I am aware of the various types of avatars including short ones and trust me I do understand various species and such have different sizes and heights...my main concern is staying in LL tos on the sim and not having no troubles. Our staff on the sim I manage is well aware of the variety and no bans happen without just cause but we also do not want to get into trouble with Linden Labs for anything either which is why I been working to figure out how to classify things in order to prevent any issues from happening that breaks rules yet stays fair to all forms of
  4. Thanks for the responses and no worries on the tread carefully. We don't promote or cater to kid avatars on the sim period and we are trying to prevent any kid avatars from being on the sim, staff needed to know what factors to use to determine if the avatars were kids especially when it is furry forms involved since we cater to all species in SL and I know different species have different sizes and so on. We are just trying to actively prevent issues from happening.
  5. I went looking into Linden Lab TOS and had a hard time finding what they define as child avatar completely or if that is up to owner of parcel or sim to determine that. I am trying to find exact wording on what child avatar determiners such as physical appearance, actions, groups in profile. I am an estate manager for a Sim and was asked to look into this matter since the sim I manage is adult region and the owners want to stay within Linden Lab TOS. And this inquiry is in regards to all species in SL, since some species are naturally small size in stature. I tried to locate the live chat on
  6. Thanks for mentioning that Nota Frostbite. I had gotten an email as well from the same person along the same words as well and wanted to be sure that I was not being scammed by someone.
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