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  1. So, it was late last night. I was on SL. I discovered a sim with  a trivia machine. It paid 1L per question.

    The questions were easy! Within an hour I had nearly 100L.

    I needed to go to the bathroom, but I was so absorbed in the game I couldn't bring myself to leave my seat. Even though I was 'touching cloth', I told myself, 'One more trivia question...then I'll go and relieve myself'.

    Half an hour later, my stomach was aching and I was desperate to void my bowels. But I had 150L and couldn't quit the trivia. My RL mind told me, "Go to the toilet, or you'll defecate in your trousers". My SL mind told me, "Just 50L more and you can get that skin on Marketplace".

    By now, I was in agony, I was stamping my feet against the ground, trying to hold my waste in. I had just got up to 164L..."OK", I told myself, "ONE MORE QUESTION, THEN I GO TO THE BATHROOM"

    But it was too late. As soon as the next question flashed up, I felt a massive racking pain engulf my stomach and, as if fired from a cannon, I involuntarily soiled myself. The relief from the pain was so intense that I actually sighed ecstastically, until my shameful predicament became crystal clear. I had to remove my trousers and underpants to waddle to the bathroom to clean myself. My shame became tenfold when I realised I'd pooped so hard, I'd left an impression on my chair. The stink was unbearable.

    I put my soiled trousers and underpants in the washing machine, but I had to wash them several times, such was the volume of filth I'd produced. I cursed myself and asked "Was 164L really worth this?" Yet I'd been so immersed in the game that I'd willingly infantilised myself and destroyed my furniture for the sake of dressing my avatar in a youthful skin.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. Just seen a documentary on these so-called 'monkey moms'. These irresponsible, silly women decide to adopt a monkey instead of having/adopting a child, and treat it as 'one of the family' - despite the fact that it's a wild animal.

    In my view, adopting a monkey and putting it in a diaper is obscene and cruel. Monkeys should live with their own kind in the wild, not be kept captive as part of some madwoman's bizarre social experiment. Not to mention the fact that the monkey could easily attack other humans in the house, particularly children. Children put at risk for a woman's desire to swoon over a monkey in a diaper!

    Even SL furries don't endorse this kind of madness. So why do we allow it? Can't the government arrest these people for animal cruelty and child neglect?

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