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  1. I'm currently in the middle of finishing the plans for a family fun block party style gathering at the family sim I live, Acacia Falls! While I still have a couple of weeks before it's time (Don't worry there's will be a post with actual details, times, and such) I have one final thing I'm looking to add to it: A gift basket!


    Would any of you happen to know of a store willing to donate a small gift card or two to a family sim for the sake of raffling out to the citizens during our block party? 

  2. 7 hours ago, KadyGraham said:

    Me too. I would like to try rp, but don't want to live on the sim. Also my avatar isn't 30 days old yet, so I guess I still have to wait till I grow up lol.

    I checked the two links above. I like the look of Maple Valley. Sent a notecard :)


    ps I should say I'm also from the UK, so towns are always empty when I visit :(


    Yeah, actually, and honestly, they're usually empty when I visit, as well, except for a few people around in their own homes. I'm just hoping to find something active, with community events..

    4 hours ago, Ramesh Singh said:

    Please visit Acacia Falls.  If you have any issues tping in just imme in world We have lots of RP jobs and positions available as well

    I'll check Acacia Falls out. Thank you!

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  3. Hey there,


    I'm searching for an active roleplay community. I don't want anything para-style, and I am only looking for modern family-friendly environments. I want something with an active community, community events, and interactive neighbors and roleplay. I'm not looking for one that requires I live on sim, on sim prices tend to be entirely to expensive for me and I live off sim. I want somewhere welcoming to prim babies and child avatars, and where the general feel is a welcoming small town sort of ordeal. You can feel free to IM me in world by searching SaidieEdyn in your search browser, or leave me something here. I'm really interested in becoming an active part of an actual community in some way.


    Thank you,

    Evalynn Mayfair (saidieEdyn resident)

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  4. Heya! Me and my sisters are making a return to secondlife after a lengthy run. Due to personal reasons and the like. I recently met an amazing woman and am getting to know her now, and while we all enjoy eachothers company, it gets boring just standing around amusing eachother...also I'm pretty sure they'll get tired of my big mouth eventually. Lol. We're looking for some fun, crazy, oddball friends to laugh and hang out with. We are into casual family RP, and while our family is very small right now, we're looking to expand that to include many more soon we hope! Some of us are soft spoken, while others have big mouths (Not me...okay me.) but we love to laugh, shop, gacha hunt, explore new sims, bowling, clubs, you name it. 


    We may not be the best fit for some people. This is because I know I can be sensitive, and sometimes made to be pretty uncomfortable around more 'adult' situations. Not that I can't handle them, but I can get uncomfortable, especially around new people. That being said, we're open minded, fun loving, and can't wait to meet you! Drop me an IM in world sometime!

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  5. hey there! I will probably drop you a line in world as well but I am right away from the computer right now. I have considered a teenage girl is a perfect fit is my child we have just joined a very very large family. I know you said you were looking for same sex parents but I am NOT currently with anybody though I am considering a boyfriend. the man that I have been seeing the last few days he's very interested in me and we are looking well I am looking to expand my personal family. I already have 4 sisters and many other siblings I have not met yet a mother a father and grandmother and grandfather and many other relatives that I haven't even met myself yet. feel free to drop me a line in world. otherwise I will drop you in as soon as I'm home. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

  6. I just had a quick question, and I'm not sure where to ask this, or find the info:


    Me and my sisters are buying a 1/2 sim, and I was considering parceling off my auction house so that I could limit rezzing rights to that section for that group. I was wondering if that drastically lowers the amount of avatars I will be able to fit into that parcel. Like a homestead is only allowed 20 avatars, so if I parcel off a small section, can I still have 20 avatars in there, or is there now a much smaller amount allowed?

  7. Hey there!
    I have previously tried attending adoption houses and the like but have constantly come up with the short end of the stick on this. I am looking for a single child for now. I prefer female, but will consider a boy for the right fit! I am looking for a child closer to 5 in age. I adore baby talk, and wish for them to properly play their age. You will be stepping into a single parent family, but I have four sisters now, and we may be joining an extremely extensive family very soon, if it works out well. If you are interested or have questions please reply here or I'm me in world!

    I am fun, loud, happy, and crazy. I don't want a super serious kid. I don't use life hud. I run an auction house for breed ables and breed anything I think is adorable. I want a loyal, fun, child to fill an empty place in my sl.
  8. Seems weird to me to be typing this up on a website, instead of out in the world and meeting people. Unfortunately, I seem to be failing miserably in this, so here goes nothin!


    Everyone has rules, or more the things they epect out of a relationship, and here are a few things I feel you might need to know before considering replying here.


    001. I don't mind being with someone whom wants to have a good friendship in RL. However, don't expect this to become a RL thing initially. I'm weary of it. That doesn't mean it isn't possible! It's absolutely possible, but in the future perhaps.


    002. I am not an "option". I don't agree with entertaining the idea of a relationship with me, flirting with me, and such, while also doing the same with several other females. I will quickly back away if this is the case.


    003. I want an SL family! Yup! That means kids,adult and child avvies, and many other parts of it! Right now I'm entertaining the ability to join a family that seems like a perfect fit for me and my three existing sisters! Just know that if we're officially invited to that family, it'll be a big one. :)


    004. I do not want some crazy pixely sex! That isn't to say it won't EVER happen, but it's NOT something I'm interested in! With the right person, eventually, maybe. However, it isn't my focal point, and it's important to me it isn't yours.


    That being said, here is a bit about me:


    I am twenty-seven years old, and I do have a live picture in my profile in world. What you see with me is what you get. I don't play some roll, I don't feel like my avatar is a dress up barbie doll. I do everything I can to surround myself with people whom are of like mind, whom take the people around them as people and not grouped pixels. I see everyone I know as a person, and consider their feelings before I speak. I'm sometimes over emotional, I'm a huge geek, some of my favorite things change constantly depending on my mood or what just came out in theaters, I get attached easily, I get hurt quickly, movies make me cry, and I love forever. Like every little girl I dreamt of being married one day, and when I joined SL all I wanted was to build a strong family, and be a part of the community. I do everything I can to stay away from drama, but sometimes it follows me around, and when it does, sometimes my sisters have to stand up for me because I can get upset. I run a whole homestead for breeadble animals with my sisters, do an auction twice a week for biobreeds with my sisters, and when I'm nt attending my friends auctions, I'm bowling, or theme park jumping, or dancing around in weird places.


    I have my flaws. There are things about me some people just don't like. However, I am me, and I love being me. All I'm asking is for someone else to give it a chance. :)

  9. Hey there everyone!


    I already have two sisters, and possibly a fourth! We're utterly inseperable, and self sufficient, so don't think this has anything to do with free gifts or monies! We run an auction for biobreeds on our own homestead, and otherwise financially care for ourselves! I am looking for so many things! I have always wanted a large family in SL, something that I lack in RL. I do have a wonderous family, but I love the idea of a huge family! Of course, my sisters would be a part of that, as we are the best of friends.


    I want children, mother, father, more siblings, you name it! I'm sorry, but I'm not into the whole "BdSM" scene. I don't judge people for what they are into, but I, personally, do not practice any of the lifestyle, and it's important to me that isn't a pushed issue.


    I'm excited to meet you!!!

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