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  1. I have seen Voting Stations in a few places now - that are supposed to help raise awareness and traffic to locations in Second Life. But the versions in the Marketplace all seem to be old products and with a lot of bad reviews. So is this still a thing in Second Life, and is it worth setting one up on my land?
  2. I want to make a sign that turns to face the viewer no matter where the person is viewing from. I've seen signs like this around SL but I'm not even sure what to call such a sign. Then I would like to cut and paste some script to make it work. But seeing that I don't even know the proper name for such a sign, the script search will have to wait. So.... for starters, what do you call such a sign? And if there are more than one person in the area, will that sign show flat on to everyone? I'll be using it in my store to direct shoppers.
  3. There have not been a lot of sales yet, so it will be easy to include a note and redeliver the corrected mesh. That is the plan for this evening.
  4. Wow Theresa. Thanks so much. I didn't know about that setting option. It was a simple fix.
  5. It seems likely that this topic has already been addressed but I could not find it.... I recently completed totally remapping the Ultra Vixen mesh avatar (as well as other improvements), and then uploaded the new Ultra Vixen - BOM Bento Female Mesh Avatar body and head. So far so good. She still fits in all the previously made clothes. So still good; until I tried on some of my lingerie. Many of the lingerie items I made make use of partly transparent textures to give the look of lace. Many of those items then conflict with the BOM body surface under the clothing item, turning com
  6. It's my favorite dress. Red is my color. This is a shot taken in my store where I'm arranging new clothes.
  7. MrsSeren. Taking things off or putting them back on again is the job of the Appearance button (or Appearance in the menu). You should include a nude version (which includes the hair and makeup you like) just for situations like you talked about in your reply. When things go wrong with your avatar - and the will, then you can restore it in one click - well ok... two. Click the Appearance button, then click your saved nude outfit. Done. That removes everything and then puts on the saved body. Now that you are nude, it is a great starting point to then wear what ever outfit you like.
  8. Hey Mr.Volatile. I do not have all the answers but I had the same problem as you with the various attempts at rigging my hands. I found that I could move the parts of the armature to be placed inside the mesh. and then checking and adjusting the numbers to ensure that left and right were the same. Once you upload your avatar, it will not look like your model inside BLENDER because the setting of the shape file will resize things. That is where you then have to play with the sliders in the [Edit My Shape] window till you look like you. I am not sure about this but from looking at my resu
  9. Hi Friday. Speaking of rigging or modeling a face.... A lot of heads and faces are inventions of the modeler - and that's cool - but it means a user's preexisting shape file, and the Classic face that they invested so much time into designing to be just right, then goes out the window. When they put on a mesh head, they never look like themselves again. I speak from first hand experience. When it came time to design my bento head, I used the Second Life Bento head example as a guide. I developed a head with much more detail and a much higher vertex count, but followed the same overall
  10. The fit problem is in both the model being used and in what is called "Weight Painting". The process of weight painting is a system that determines how much each vertex is effected by animations and by the slider settings in the [Edit My Shape] window. Each vertex of an outfit needs to have the exact same weight as the adjacent vertex of the mesh avatar. It seems there are far too many clothing modelers who don't take the time to weight paint for each mesh brand they model for - resulting in problems such as in the first image above. In my case, I have the correct Weight information f
  11. I have designed a custom female avatar and related clothes. I have set the properties for both the mesh items and all the textures to COPY and MODIFY. Yet once I've passed some of my mesh products to other people, some but not these items have the texture tab in the EDIT window locked. It also remains locked when rezzing these items to the ground in a sandbox. Likewise, the bottom of the General tab in the EDIT window also has check boxes to set permission for the next owner. Some of my items will not let me set the check boxes to Modify or Copy for the next owner. Is there anyone who
  12. Hey Kyrah, as I said " These new parts work well responding to all the sliders except "Body Fat" and "Torso Muscles". " It is the head and hands that I am taking about. The two sliders don't work for those parts, and that leads to a lack of ability to scale. I need to know if I missed weight painting some bones or if there is some other problem?
  13. Hey Kyrah, I am not an expert, I am only learning BLENDER and only have a handful of the Second Life techniques figured out, but... you locate the Second Life sample avatars in the Second Life Wiki. Load those into Blender. Now I even forget the technical term, but you transfer your mesh Parent/child control to the Second Life Armature. I did NOT use the Second Life weights. I deleted the Second Life Mesh, and weight painted my own mesh to each of the individual bones so I could control how my mesh moved or deformed. Then did the upload, and everything is "fitted mesh". My avatar can ta
  14. I have been designing my own custom avatar mesh. I am using the classic armature for the body but have split up the head and hands into their own parts and converted them to the Bento Armature. These new parts work well responding to all the sliders except "Body Fat" and "Torso Muscles". That in turn leads to problems of alignment with the wrists and the neck not lining up, and with gaps depending on the viewing angle. I suspect that I may have missed weight painting particular bones of the Bento Armature, but as I look through the list or view the bones in BLENDER, I have not been able
  15. I had this same problem after I let BLENDER upgrade. I had to go back to version 2.76. After that, I no longer had any problems.
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