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  1. [5:53:36 PM] Me: I am sorry we haven't talked much also [5:53:45 PM] Me: I just rarely have anything interesting to say [5:58:52 PM] Me: wait a minute what happened to that guy you were seeing? [5:59:22 PM] My friend : guy i was seeing? [6:00:18 PM] Me: You had somebody's name in your profile for a while [6:00:27 PM] Me: I need to read your profile again [6:00:36 PM] My friend : oh some crazy as **bleep** stalker dude who was blackmailing me for my partiner slot [6:00:47 PM] Me: whoa [6:01:01 PM] My friend : threatened to kill himself so much his mom has me on speed dial to talk him down [6:01:32 PM] Me: how do you put up with that? [6:01:51 PM] Me: Kids these days... holy **bleep**. [6:01:55 PM] My friend : i didnt think i could look at myself if he killed himself if i could stop it [6:02:28 PM] Me: **bleep** [6:02:40 PM] Me: Im so sorry [6:02:55 PM] My friend : huggles [6:03:10 PM] Me: I guess it's a good thing I didn't partner you right away, huh? :( [6:03:26 PM] Me: would've had to departner me just so you could comply with the demands [6:03:52 PM] My friend : true [6:03:58 PM] My friend : and had to oddly explain [6:04:02 PM] *** Me hugs back tightly *** [6:04:40 PM] Me: should report him to LL on the phone and get him banned discretely [6:05:22 PM] Me: suicide blackmail for a second life partner slot. if you went to the media about it it'd probably go viral. [6:06:50 PM] My friend : idk if id want to be in the face of everyone [6:11:03 PM] Me: you mean on the media? [6:11:12 PM] Me: I'm not sure what you mean [6:11:14 PM] My friend : yeah or just going public with it [6:11:28 PM] Me: I've never heard of this happening before
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