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  1. They should call it, BOOBS. Because when guys first start playing that's all most of them look at is boobs. So my vote is for BOOBS. And ladies it has the potential of increasing the male population on SL even. SO there is a benifet to this name. I can safely say speaking for most men on the planet, I'd play a game called BOOBS. lmao!!!!
  2. kiramanell wrote: LlewLlwyd wrote: Reputedly the Black Dragon Viewer allows you to use more graphics memory than any other. [Personally, I use the Red Dragon Viewer, which allows me to view female avatars with their clothes removed.} Yes to using more video memory of Black Dragon viewer! As to your second comment, I'm trying to determine whether that's sad or funny. I'm leaning towards sad at the moment. I am leaning towards funny myself. That's just hilarious. Where you find red viewer at? lmao
  3. Is there a way to pull up or find profiles you have made notes on? Like I clean my list every so often and alot of times I make notes on the web page profiles of people I friended. I can't recall everyone I made notes on so I was wondering if there was a way to pull up all the profiles I ever made notes for threw a search method or something. Any help would be greatly apriciated. Thanks in advance. :)
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