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  1. ((The following I mostly copied from a notecard form-thing from the PAC)) The Basics Date: 6/16/15 Name(s): Serenity Dove What are you called by your pet?: Miss, Miss Dove Second Life name ((log-in name)): TranquilDove Gender identity: Female Sexual orientation: Bi, with a preference for women Species: Human/neko SL account birthday*: April 23, 2015 Are you new or familiar with SL?*: Familiar, my avatar is new, but I am not Age ((of your SL character/persona)): 25 RL age ((optional)): N/A RL sex ((optional)): Female Languages: English only Average number of hours available each day: 2-3 hours Time of day most likely to be online (SL time): around 13:00pm SLT friday through sunday, generally offline by or around 16:00pm Will you supply your pet a collar: Yes RLV use preference?: Not preferred, but I can try to work with it Can you supply a home to your pet?: Yes How much time do you want with your pet (daily, weekly, monthly)?: 2-3 hours/whenever I'm online How many pets do you have currently**: One How many pets do you plan to have**: Two Pet Preferences: Gender: Doesnt really matter, but I'd prefer at least a female or feminine avatar Species: Human/neko/cat Age range: 19-30 Language+fluency: english SL experience minimum: needs to know the basics about SL, I wouldn't mind giving tips Average number of hours available each day: 2-3 hours Time of day most likely to be online (SL time): around 13:00pm SLT friday through sunday Willing to serve with other pets**: Is a must, I have one other pet and you MUST get along with her - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Checklist I am looking for a pet (check any that apply): [ ✔] - In a role play sense (characters only, not ourselves) [ ✔] - In a personal sense (non characters, just ourselves) [ ] - For short term (specify: ) [ ✔] - For long term (specify: ) [ ✔] - In SL only and never in RL [ ] - In SL and maybe outside of SL sometime down the road (online) [ ] - In SL and outside of SL (online, may include IMs, gaming, etc) [ ] - In SL at first and maybe RL sometime down the road [ ] - In RL and in SL What are you looking for? (check any that apply) [ ✔] - Pet - prefer loving touch, lives to please owner, maybe animal role [ ] - Submissive - needs to feel controlled; dominate me firmly [ ] - Slave - this one is at complete disposal, use them as you will [ ] - Pet player or feral - animal role like any other family pet [ ] - Custom/Other - not quite any of that (please explain): General D/s fetish and sexual preferences for pet (check any that apply): [ ✔] - No sexual play, petting and hugging only [ ✔] - Soft, gentle touch, seduction, teased [ ] - Dirty (non abusive) talk - sex pet, you dirty **bleep**, little fur bunny [ ] - Wild side, needs surprises - forced, rape, molestation - rough sex [✔ ] - Bondage - tied up, tied down, tied sideways, confined, restricted [ ] - Pain - bruises, cuts, stinging, welts, burns, whips, floggings... mmm... [ ] - Pain **bleep** - pain makes me hot; don’t tease me, **bleep**ing beat me [ ] - Humiliation - needs abusive talk and/or handling in public [ ✔] - Soft domination - gentle control and not very strict [ ] - Harder domination - handle me firmly, dominate me, you OWN me... [ ] - All of the above! [ ] - Something else... (list): Roleplay/emote preferences (check any that apply): [ ] - Do not want, pixels only [ ] - No RP (no preference, flexible: see marked) [ ] - A few words [ ] - A sentence or two [ ✔] - Semi-para - A few sentences [ ✔] - Paragraph - Seven or so sentences [ ] - Multi-para - Deep descriptions, lots of sentences General typing (grammar, punctuation...) preferences (check any that apply): [ ] - Don't care, will talk to anyone of any skill level [ ] - Prefer chat speak [ ✔] - No chat speak please [✔ ] - A little chat speak is okay (brb, lol, kk, wb, ty) [ ✔] - Low grammar, etc, is fine [ ✔] - Some grammar, etc, required, no worries [ ✔] - Please use decent amount of grammar, punctuation, capitalization [✔ ] - Be pretty good, try your best, no one's perfect [ ] - High quality understanding and use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and anything else that applies [ ] - Be perfect and amazing or get out - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Top 5 list - Not just kink related but kinks can be listed as well :) List your top 5 needs (optional): ☐ Companionship ☐ Cuddles ☐ Kindness ☐ Silly ☐ Playful List your top 5 limits (optional): ☐ Blood/mutilation/pain ☐ Heavy torture/torture ☐ Pottyplay ☐ Whipping/beating ☐ Death List your top 5 likes (optional): ☐ Spanking ☐ Leashes, collars and cuffs (oh my!) ☐ Dressing my pet/choosing her outfits ☐ Kitten/pet play ☐ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What do you look for in a pet? ══════════════════╗ I'm looking for a pet who can be both my and my other pets companion, I can love both of my pets equally but they need to get along too. My second pet will be both a companion for myself and my current pet, they'll get lots of cuddles, kisses, and hugs and will always be greeted with friendly words.* I can provide a home, but my pet absolutely must buy their own linden or have a job to make their own linden, I can provide a home and maybe a collar, but I will not give them my hard earned lindens. I am not very strict, but I will give punishment where punishment is due, do not expect to get away with being naughty, because if you think you will get away with something, you think wrong. ╚════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tell about yourself! ╔════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ I'm more like a friend to my pet, a mistress who is kind to her servant, though I wouldn't expect my pet to serve me my food and clean the house. I'm pretty nice, fairly shy, however, and I wont really start conversations, but I will do my best to keep them going! I'm pretty mature, but I can be silly and I really like making jokes or puns, nothing gory though, not a huge fan of gore.. I'm a friendly person all around, I try to help new people out and I just generally like to talk, intelligent people who don't use chat speak try to hit on me are few and far between, and I hope my pet can be on of them Thats pretty much it, if you're interested in me (finish reading the notecard first) but drop me an IM or a notecard (notecard preferred) ╚════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ So, yeah, I left out the rest because we can discuss that privately. If you're interested please send me an IM or a notecard (preferred) inworld (tranquildove.resident) and we can work out the details and things. ~Dove
  2. But, I'm looking for friends, preferably people who share the same interests (which I will list below) and things ~About me~ I'm twenty twoKind, shy, and a tad bit sarcasticI like disney movies (My favourites are Ariel, Beauty and the Beast, and Tangled)I love reading, fantasy, mystery, and adventure novels are my favouritesI'm not one to create conversations, but I do my best to continue themI'm a nice person, I dont really swear and I'm literate, I want my friends to be like that tooI'm pretty adventurousI really like semi-para RPI'm working at adopting one or two kids in SLNot sure what else to put hereContact me inworld by sending me a NoteCard
  3. That is exceedingly creepy, so I'm going to have to ask you to please not contact me, this is a family RP, not.. That
  4. Well, the title is self explanitory, but I feel like I should be more specific, so heres a thing about what I'm looking for, about me, etc etc ~Looking for~ A MotherFatherBrothersSistersAuntsUncles~About Me~ I'm twenty twoGenerally online on the weekends around 13:00pm SLTI like disney (very adult of me, I know)I am currently attempting to a adopt 2-3 children in SLI do not really buy linden, but I earn as much as I canMaybe a little immatureI'm pretty kind if I do say so myself, this doesnt mean I'm not a bit sarcastic tooI'm also a bit shy, and will not start conversations, however I will do my best to keep them goingSometimes, just sometimes, like very very rarely I may ask for a loan from a family member, this does not mean I wont do my best to pay you back or ask for money frequentlyThats pretty much it~Contact me!~ Contact me inworld by sending a NoteCard to TranquilDove, I will respond as soon as I can, please be patient!
  5. I'm looking for a small, family friendly home to rent, I do have a few requirements ~Rent needs to be between one and one hundred linden ~I need a minimum of ten prims ~I know I stated this above, but it needs to be a in a family friendly neighborhood ~Needs atleast two bedrooms ~I'd like if it was furnished, but I'd also like to add my own things I will take a look at anything that is suggested, thank you in advance! ~Dove~ (I hope I put this in the right place)
  6. I RP a lot of things, but I want to start a family rp, heres what I'm looking for (plus extra things)   ~One or two kids between the ages of 5 and 10 ~Though I make enough linden to support myself, my kid(s) will need to be able to buy their own linden ~I plan on getting a cheap skybox/dome/whatever and decorating it before my kid(s) move in ~I'd like to start as a single mother, but I'll start searching for a partner later on (Unless someone can woo me :P ) ~I will buy my kid(s) gifts when I can ~I am not online super often (which will change over summer because I'll get more time) when I am online, its on the weekends around 13:00pm SLT ~This is just an rp, it doesnt really matter if you have different rp lives or adult avatars or whatever.   Well, please send me a notecard (This is preferred, just in case my IMs get capped) inworld (TranquilDove resident) and I will get back to you as soon as I can~! Edit: I really need you to send notecards including a little about yourself, because I've been getting IMs but my IMs get capped! Please send notecards!
  7. Hello! My name is Dove, and even though my avatar is new, I've played before on a friends account and decided to make an account myself. I'm a 19yo babygirl, looking for a mommy (preferred) or daddy Dom. Now, I'm in college and can't get online too often so I would appreciate if whomever is interested sent me a PM through the forums so we could set up a time to meet inworld. Now, as a babygirl I'm looking for someone who would spoil me, but still know when enough is enough, I'm not looking for sex, but I do like cuddling and kisses ^^ I would consider being someone's partner, but it's not ideal at the moment, a I would prefer having a mommy domme, but a daddy is fine too Thanks to college I cannot buy linden so my avatar will not be the best, but I will be trying to improve it as much as I can. Thanks again! Dove <3
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