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  1. DejaHo wrote: Probably Japan, and more specifically Hokkaido. Great food, great 'air quality', sake, stunning beauty, plenty of golf courses, but not too much time to play and be outdoors, it gets cooold very quick. And the older I get the more I hate the cold. So I would have to have a summer home in Portugal or Brazil, or both. The only issue I have with the country(s) I selected is that I would hate to 'live' any place where I would be considered illiterate. If I can't read and write the language I would never feel like it was home. That's one of the big reasons why Canada is definitely off my list. Hark! As long as you know the rule for 'icing' and who won the war of 1812 you are more than welcome.
  2. ZoeTick wrote: Well, since democracy is a political system in which just over half the pliable stupid adults in the population (about 30% of potential voters) are convinced by lies, more lies and statistics to vote for, and give unlimited executive power to, a ham actor puppet manipulated by major financial forces, then the inhabitants of SL V2 can expect to have imposed upon them a landscape of magnificent boredom typical of that epitome of the democratic socialist state, Sweden. The control that inhabitants will have will be how many virtual kilometres of nothingness will span the distance to the next region of nothingness. Have you seen Wallander? There were more real life suicides among the cast than fictitious murders to be grudgingly solved. Are you surprised that Ebbe left, but is now homesick for the almost-void? Hark! In relation to Sansar Ebbe also said this, “It’s not just about shipping a lot of stuff, we’ve got to make sure we’ve got a lot of content,” he said. “We need to give the power to every user — to every person — to have the option of creating their own content and their own experiences.” Again we see the reference to everyone having "the option of creating their own content and experiences." and this to me sounds very much like what happens now at HiFi. One must download the 'stack manager' and set up your own domain, your own space as it were, where you will be able to then create your own content. Is Sansar Hifi? Will people joining Sansar also have to pay the US$20 per year for registration of their domain or "personal space"?
  3. Hark! Recently, Ebbe gave a speech where he made a comment regarding the future of virtual spaces wherein he used the phrase "democratize content". In conjunction with that phrase, he went on to explain his vision of the future of virtual reality which included, “In the future we will all be able to create spaces and experiences and invite people into those experiences… It’s not going to be something that necessarily someone created for you, just like we have our own homes and our way of dressing, the future in virtual reality is going to allow us to have that level of control over the environment and how we express ourselves.” To me, this sounds suspiciously like what is happening over at High Fidelity. What are your thoughts?
  4. Scylla Rhiadra wrote: heraldprophet wrote: Hark! It was foretold that you would arrive on Friday to cast your pearls before us. Lamentably, it was not to be. Nonetheless, the valiant and intrepid Derek, hereto banish'ed, wandering hither and yon, will be sad of heart to know that he missed your appearance this day. Fear not! For he shall return in a fortnight to take up his righteous sword that he may once more bring Light to the ignorant darkness. PS To answer the OQ; Even in His imperfections is perfection found. To thine own Self be true and have faith His will be done. My. You aren't really a very good prophet, are you? I mean, you've got all of the "Woe is me!" and "Behold! A sign unto us!" stuff down just fine, but it seems to me that the essence of propheteering (so to speak), the real meat of it, is to successfully, well, prophecy stuff. It's bad enough, surely, to arrive announcing after the fact that you had successfully prophesied something when no one else was listening. But to show up and reveal, in (you must admit) rather purple prose that you were wrong about something that no one even knew you'd predicted seems . . . um, unnecessary. And maybe bad form. Is there a Prophet Union? Some sort of professional organization that sets standards? For your sake, I hope not. I hope Derek is ok. I rather imagine him wandering around somewhere in mildly disembodied form, with hollow eyes and gaping mouth, and a visage that speaks of unnameable horror, pointing with shrivelled hand for all who pass at the SL Answers section. You know, sort of: And all who heard should see them there, And all should cry, Beware! Beware! His flashing eyes, his floating hair! But with a screenshot tucked under one arm. Anyway, I'm not "Fearing" too much, but thanks for asking. :-) Hark! Meh, you take a shot. You win some, you lose some. There are those who did hear the word though, and you did appear, albeit a day later but a dollar short (evidence the lack of a Friday contribution), so in my defense I would call that 'close enough for rock 'n roll'. Thankfully, there is no governing body to speak of, but a few of us get together now and then to play Circus Maximus. Does that count? Ah, the valiant Derek was seen partaking of a cool summer drink at a patio bar t'other day, happily admiring female passersby in their summer frockery whilst penning self indulgent couplets. Something of a Victoria Day weekend tradition, weather permitting.
  5. Scylla Rhiadra wrote: ZoeTick wrote: Scylla Rhiadra wrote: What is probably most amusing about this thread is the way that nearly everyone, with the possible exception of Perrie, but myself included, has treated it as a serious question requiring an answer. Rather than as the satiric and rather nasty insult addressed to pretty much all of us that it actually is. We have been measured by the fastidious, the all-powerful Zoe, and found wanting, people. There's nothing else to see here . . . move along! It was Friday when I started the thread . . . . . . and there was no sign of a thread about a Canadian female reporter who got annoyed about sexist sports fans and got them fired. Is there one now? Have I missed it? In fact, your comment is a characteristic distortion of the facts. She did nothing to get the one (1) fan fired. The company employing him, unhappy to discover that their employee was actually a crass, drunken, misogynist moron, did that. I've not seen anything anywhere to suggest that Hunt even lodged a complaint about him. All she did was accommodate the evident desire of said moron for a national audience by airing the segment. Rather obliging of her, I'd have said, wouldn't you? Hark! It was foretold that you would arrive on Friday to cast your pearls before us. Lamentably, it was not to be. Nonetheless, the valiant and intrepid Derek, hereto banish'ed, wandering hither and yon, will be sad of heart to know that he missed your appearance this day. Fear not! For he shall return in a fortnight to take up his righteous sword that he may once more bring Light to the ignorant darkness. PS To answer the OQ; Even in His imperfections is perfection found. To thine own Self be true and have faith His will be done.
  6. LaskyaClaren wrote: Celestiall Nightfire wrote: LaskyaClaren wrote: . And I have seen at least one person who posts here identified, over and over again, as a sort of Moriarty figure who has quietly masterminded a plot that involves manipulating posters as though they were pawns on a chess board, all in the pursuit of . . . well, I'm not quite sure what. More like Dr. Frankenstein, who in a fit of social engineering, created a monster. LaskyaClaren wrote: Drama and cliquishness are grotty and fairly pathetic, not embued with magical power. Let's demystify, and call a spade a spade, as they say. Uh, did you not understand about the ARs? Can't say directly, as EVERY goddamn thing that got close to calling them out for what, and who, got reported. Cloaking the language was the only way. Besides, the code name gives you something to rail about... ; ) I take your point about not naming names, but that's not quite what I meant by calling a spade a spade; really, what I was getting at is that the LWL seems to have been elevated to the status of something terrifically powerful and frightening, when what we're really talking about is, at best, a small clique of individuals. It's a lot more fun and flattering to picture oneself in combat with dragons, but the truth is more often that we are really just shooing away annoying rodents. But, as I said, I really have very little idea of what actually happened, and I think I know only one or two of those involved well, so I'm not qualified to comment on what happened. I do think that "Frankenstein" is likely to be a better characterization of the aforesaid Evil Genius, based on what I know of her (and I do know her somewhat well). But she doesn't require me to defend her: she'd be more than capable of doing so herself if she thought it worth her while. If ARs were being tossed about gratuitously and malicious, then I am certainly sorry to hear it. They are (and this applies to RICs on the forum too) to my mind a last resort, not to be used lightly, if at all. PS. I'm actually rather proud of myself for not having ranted -- in this particular exchange anyway -- about the implicit misogyny of the term. Can I take your comment to represent permission to do so? ;-) Hark!! What do you mean "If..." Do you believe that valiant Derek's post of the Answer's pic was pulled for "Flaming!" solely on the initative of the mod concerned? Or for any of the preceding warnings/pulled posts he recieved for that matter? The Answers pic had been posted to numerous threads without incident. I should also like to point out that the three posts where Derek is called a "nazi", "fascist" and a "jerk" still remain in the original threads making it certain that context was never checked and only the RIC and reason stated for it was used to determine the course of action taken.
  7. Hark! Madelaine McMasters wrote: Posted a link to a gadget blog article, whose author's intent seems to be to post a pic of their 'keyboard pants' rather than anything of substance, regarding the efficacy of dynamic keystroke metrics to provide authentication processes during login to networks, taken from a 2010 staff writer's article for Scout, which in fact, upon reasoned consideration, actually demonstrates that the use of these biometric algorithms leads to potentially dozens if not hundreds of confounds rendering them essentially useless, thereby exposing the major flaw of the ridiciulous assertions made by the authors of the present paper under consideration. This was followed by an irrelevant, contradictory and ambiguous section of fluff. Then a statement of feigned self-deprecation and false modesty. And concludes with a link to a cutsey puff piece, as a dire warning as to what it might be like if women were given control over the buttons of social engineering, by a woman whose friend seems to think she can hoodwink her mate as a lead-in to a story, using loosely associated comments from affirmed deceptors, as to the proficiency of women to excel in the field of espionage. Wut?
  8. ZoeTick wrote: Of course, you should recognise that all of the above blogs are mouthpieces of the Linden Lab PR machine, being encouraged to write positive pieces by promises of advance notice of developments and other things that are actually unlikely to happen, or if they do, will fail in short order. See SL Go as a shining example, with SL V2 coming up on the rails. Or should that be off the rails? Hark! And in the case of one shill, sponsoship may have included more tangible, if that is possible in a virtual space, perqs.
  9. Hark! What do these eyes here behold? Why it is the gracious and insightful Lasky with a Friday thread. Wonders beyond His. I am the bearer of welcome and happy tidings from valiant, and steadfast of heart Derek, who has been banish'ed to the Isle of Rhodes where he continues his scholarship.(sotto voce: Confidentially, I believe he is spending most of his time in pursuit of the sultry and smouldering Mediterranean hussy, Scylla, she of the dark eyes and skin with hot blood coarsing through her veins...ahem you get the idea) Good Derek bids me convey that he concurs with most of the analysis given thus far by Lasky and the erudite Zoe, while lamenting the tripe that passes for science these days and muttering something about "...the best thing to come out of Stanford in the last ten years has been an empty bus." He would like to add, as you know how he gets once fired up, that immoderate persecution sanctioned by graduates of the University of Phoenix School of Business with a course in I/O Psych clinging to the untenable and flawed concept of Progressive Discipline, a question he posed to the feed of one with some kind of puffed title which she characteristically deleted, will necessarily come to the conclusions reached by the authors of the paper under consideration. Appearing insightful but lacking any depth whatsoever and the requisite sophistication that would lead to any worthwhile understanding. Let me see if I get the quote right, "There are three kinds of explanations, parsimonious, simplistic and simple minded and the paper fits the latter." To close he bids all good health and happiness. On a more personal note, to satisfy my own curiousity, I am wondering Lasky why it was you chose the name of a 1920's Brooklyn burlesque house that was burned down by suffragettes and temprance protesters?
  10. debbyom wrote: I need to write about SL2, hence am trying to find information about it. And thank you for correcting me. Why would anyone "need" to do this? I think you have fulfilled your obligation at this point. Nothing more to say than what you have written so far.
  11. A 'cease and desist' order without the signature of a judge on it is not worth the paper it is written on.
  12. You used the incorrect punctuation.
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