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  1. I miss the days when Maitreya made their first shoes. Everybody wanted them.
  2. I'm looking for good couple bento dance animation. Vista animations is great but they have too much latina. I wanna something like club chilling moves. Any recommendations of what others like.
  3. I like to mix and match stuff so i have no specific tastes. For me it's kinda fun to play with a different styles. Here's my Top 20 stores: Addams Blueberry Evani Evie Gaia Giz Seorn Osmia Ison RKKN Dead Dollz Nerido Lunar Pixicat Emery Tetra E-clipse design Bauhaus movement Erratic JustBecause Spirit/Kitja
  4. Hello my name is Mary. I am looking for one roommate. House Details: Fully furnished cottage. You will access to the entire house. Exterior: The ground level follows the seasons. There is a pool. Interior: bedroom, living room. Qualifications: Female preferred but will consider male Would prefer someone who I can have a friendship Cost of Living: 250 L per week. I will leave some photos bellow so you can check the house. For more information contact me inworld (Mary Absent) Thank you
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