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  1. The settings have been the same on land and group perms for the past 4 years, for both sims.

    In both Land settings, Group Build has always been checked, Everyone not checked, and I regulated build permissions in the respective groups.

    So after recruiting an alt, unchecking the land Group Build, then removing build perms in the group, she was not allowed to rez. Added back the perms in group and left the land Group Build unchecked and she can now rez, just as y'all stated.

    In the past, with the Land Group checked, the member could not rez without a tag on if they had perms, and could not rez period if they didn't have perms. I checked with a couple others who have their groups set this way and were surprised, as I was, that Group had to now(?) be unchecked.

    Needless to say, order has been restored and I thank you both for your replies!! Have  great day! 😊

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  2. I recently discovered that staff in my club's group has the ability to rez items, regardless of their role, even those who were not granted such permissions in the group. This includes the 'Everyone' role which only has the group chat box checked. The land is deeded to this group. I tested it on my home sim as well, which is deeded to another group, and this same issue persists.

    So sometime within the last month, something has changed, seemingly grid wide, that allows anyone in a group to rez items even if they were not granted that ability. This could cause major problems for land or business owners as well as other groups needing to regulate permissions.

    Has anyone else had issues restricting perms for members of their group recently? This needs to be addressed and corrected as soon as possible.

  3. A year late but whatever. Legally, slander can't be proved unless you suffer some sort of damage, like financial, business or personal reputation, provided it was a good reputation in the first place.Normally it involves a substantial monetary loss.

    I am currently being endlessly harassed by a psycho, who is now sending 1L messages. At least I'm making something off it. She's also made an alt using my SL name with a slight variation. I have sent dozens of LL abuse reports for legitimate TOS violations, all have been ignored. At the end of the day, this is a game, that's it.

    Linden Lab could care a less if you contribute to their bottom line while the abuser contributes nothing but grief. Linden Lab is a joke and they care nothing about your complaints. I have lost so much respect for them.

    Of all the above responses, Pixieplumb sums it up the best " You see, you're wasting your time and energy on a stupid argument about a game.  Move on, dude, let it go. "

    Edit- My traffic has substantially increased since this nut job was banned. Yay.

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  4. When I first came to SL, I was looking for friends and wasn't interested in being hit on by guys, or anyone else. It wasn't long until I found a few friends with whom I bonded. I really don't want to sound like an advertisement, but I opened a club 4 years ago and based it on what others wanted. It is an all female, not a sex sim, catering to all women regardless off sexual orientation, and I do not allow drama. You are who you are at my club, nobody is allowed to question it. Our #1 rule, have fun. I built it to give women a safe place to go, to escape to, to meet new friends, to find comfort, friends and peace.

    Though many of us have men in our lives, we do not allow men. This is our women only country club, so to speak. Best of all, I may be the owner of it, but it belongs my members, I am merely the caretaker. During the past 4 years, I have watched as this club has grown into the top women's only club in SL. I have heard so many beautiful stories from people about how they met their SL and even RL partners or best friend here and are now members for life. It's common for members to eventually meet in RL. We have three longtime members who just met this week and are having a blast. I handpick my staff for not only being top entertainers, but those who show empathy towards other and are diverse enough to help virtually anyone navigate through SL, and sometimes even RL. 

    This is what I did, and do, to meet people. This is what brings me joy in SL and RL. We have been attacked, ridiculed and griefed, but we will endure. If you want to know more, message me, read my profile in world (there's also a magazine interview link in my profile) or just stop by, I/we would love to meet you. ❤️

  5. Penny, I'll add another bullet point, SL needs to advertise their product more. I see ads for a lot of different platforms on the internet, but rarely do I see any sponsored by LL. Those of us who are creators, own businesses or otherwise add to the enjoyment of others, need help helping LL. I for one cannot afford to do a major ad campaign outside of SL.

    So help us, help you. Without content providers, business owners, entertainment and experiences provided by members, SL would be an empty place. On top of all this, WE pay SL for the right to enhance THEIR product. So, a little help please :)

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  6. I have tried to lose interest in SL, but each time I tried, I found something else to do here. I blame me being a meshaholic for my inability to leave SL. I started with a simple prim, which I now know to be a gateway drug into meshaholicism. To be brief, I followed the rabbit trail which led me to Blender and now stepping into the world of Zbrush. Along the way though, I have found new friends who share my 'disease'. Now my greatest joy is meshing things for friends that they themselves have conjured up in their imagination. Being a part of their creative thinking, and bringing their ideas to life, so to speak, is intoxicating.

    So, my suggestion to you is, or anyone else who has found themselves in an SL rut, open up your mind, explore your creative side, be imaginative and you just might find a new you buried deep in your own self. If you have been there, done that, then go back and do it again, this time create it yourself. If you've already seen that movie, then write your own exciting sequel. If you've already read the book, then write your own for others to read.

    SL has a lot to offer, make it what you want it to be.

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