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  1. Hello there, I've been using the LOGO Chloe mesh head for quite some time now, but I am curious about upgrading to a bento head. The reason I've held off for such a long time, is because I was never able to achieve a desirable look with any of them. I've seen many people pull off amazing looks with the Catwa Catya head, but I personally can't stand Catwa's HUD. I think it's clunky, cumbersome, and just completely unappealing. The HUD issue coupled with the fact that I haven't been able to achieve a desirable look with Catwa, kept me away from bento heads ever since they came out. A coupl
  2. Hello there, I got teleported to an extremely laggy area and had to relog because nothing would rez. It took me several minutes to get back into Second Life. When I got back in, I found that certain items (one of my boots, a shirt, and gloves I was wearing will not work. Everything else works just fine. It just seems to be these specific items. Anyone know what happened here?
  3. Hello there! I've been looking through the marketplace for a specific script and have yet to find one that does what I want. Basically what I'm looking for is a tip jar script that I can put into any object. This script also needs to be able to display the last amount that was tipped, the total amount tipped in the objects lifetime, and it needs to be able to keep those amounts saved whenever I pick the object up and put it in my inventory. I'm sure there are some scripts out there that do this already, but I also want this script to be able to hold 3 lines of text with at least 16 cha
  4. Hello there, I bought the Maitreya mesh avatar a few weeks back and just recently been trying to see if any mesh implants work with the avatar. I've noticed Lola's don't look too bad with it, but I am having a hard time getting the Eclipse implants to fit perfectly. I would show pictures but they obviously can't be posted in this forum. Basically the top part near the neck and the sides are all distorted. Is there anyway to make them fit without any distortion? Are there any big implants out there that work with Maitreya or any of the other mesh bodies? Thanks.
  5. Hello there, I am currently seeking either a 64x64 or 128x128 sky platform in an adult sim. Commericial would be preferred, but I would also consider residential. Please drop me a NOTECARD in world. Please do not IM me. Thank you!
  6. Hello there, I have been running SL for about 2-3 years just fine with the computer Im using now. However, recently I have been getting the error message "display driver has stopped responding and has recovered", and it all seemed to happen after I tried to update my drivers for a different game. I have tried doing a complete driver uninstall with the display driver uninstaller and updating to the latest drivers, as well as a factory restore. I also tried to manually edit the registry to include a "TdrDelay" on the graphics card. I have tried rolling back to an older driv
  7. I know how to make save landmarks and have them teleport me t the main hub of that parcel, but if I build land in the sky in a public sandbox, is there a way to make a landmark up ther so I don't have to keep flying up to find my home?
  8. Hmmm after looking through the Pink Fuel skins, I noticed a lot of the appliers are for the LOGO Alex head. Is it going to make a difference if I use it on LOGO Chloe? I know to look for Maitreya appliers or Maitreya in the description when it comes to skintones, but what specfically am I looking for when looking for LOGO Chloe appliers? Will any LOGO applier do, or does it have to specifically say LOGO Chloe? I've seen Omega in the Marketplace a lot, but what exactly is it? Is it a mesh body, head, etc...? I'm still kind of new to certain household terms in the Marketplace. I'm not enti
  9. First, I apologize for asking the question that's probably been asking a hundred times already. I'm not a complete noob when it comes to this stuff, but I'm still learning the more detailed mechanics. Any help would be appreciated. I recently made the switch from a standard body to the Maitreya mesh body and purchased the LOGO Chloe mesh head to go along with it. I've been having trouble trying to get the head, body, and slink feet to be all one skintone though. I'm assuming you have to buy skins that have Maitreya, Slink and LOGO appliers, but are there any good stores out there that suppor
  10. Tired of some of the scam financial domination sims out there? Are Mistresses taking your money and running without providing you a session or proving they're real? Well look no further! Hello there! I'm a submissive here at the Palace of the Financial Goddeses, and I'm just here to let you know the sim has been undergoing a lot of changes as of late and we're still working on improving the sim. Some changes include private rooms for dedicated "house Dommes" and lots of new toys for both you and your submissive. We here at the Palace of the Financial Goddesses have the highest quali
  11. Hello there! I don't know what's possible in SL with scripts and such but I have a very specific request. I'm looking for a mesh vault door that when clicked brings up a menu to add a user remove a user etc... This vault door would also have a function that allows you to check the linden dollar balance of all the users on the vault door and it will display that amount in floating text above. However this vault will also have a pay option that allows users to pay directly into the vault sending that money to the owner of the vault door which will be displayed in another number above the vault.
  12. Hmmm alright I kind of figured that was the case, but everyone makes a big deal about vampires and stuff when someone first joins SL so I just didn't know what the fuss was about. If you're not forced to play I don't see the problem. I suppose I'll try it out later.
  13. Thanks! Yeah I'm well aware of the site but it doesn't really answer a whole lot of the questions I have. I've heard of people "not being able to quti" once they've started but they claim to sell things that stop the "curse". Wouldn't that effectively stop everything? I'm assuming people just complain that they can't get out of it without paying, but I don't want to get myself permanently stuck in anything either. It also doesn't really explain what happens when you "die" either. It mentions something about limbo and the abyss, but it doesn't really explain what that means. I've also noticed
  14. Hello there, I'm interested in learning more about the Bloodlines but want to learn from someone who's not just looking for another victim. (I will deny to play the "game" until I fully understand what it is, so don't even try.) Most of the information I've found have come from people that support it or are extremely against it claiming that it's a pyramid scheme and whatnot. I'm not looking for someone who just wants another victim and I'm not looking for someone who's just going to rant off the negatives to me about it either. I have several questions that I want to ask about it an
  15. I'm currently looking for someone capable of making mesh videogame props. It doesn't have to be anything fancy since these will mostly be used for decoration of a new gamers lounge I'm currently working on, but I do want excluisivity if possible. Contact me inworld via notecard or IM and we can negotiate on prices. Include examples of previous work if possible. Thanks.
  16. How exactly does copyright work in Second Life? I've looked it up but I don't quite fully understand as I've seen developers make something almost identical to a Playstation game console but rename it something different, and seen developers blantantly ripoff the Playstation name or some of the characters Sony owns. Is either of these 2 ways legal? For instance, could I have someone make me a super mario decoration if it served absolutely no purpose other than to be used as a decoration item?
  17. I noticed certain pieces of furniture disappear halfway at a distance. Is there any reason for that? It only happens with certain items and it will happen no mater where I place those items on a sim. Here's one that does it to me all the time...
  18. Hello there, I recently purchased a home on the marketplace and I'm having the furniture removed and the texture changed slightly by the creator. I will also be moving onto a 1/4th full region parcel soon so I'm looking for someone skilled in both interior and exterior design. The project is going to be a high class BDSM mansion and will be adult themed, so please keep that in mind when it comes to the decor.I will either meet with you to go over your decor suggestions in the marketplace and buy the ones I approve of, or I will use stuff you already have. I'd prefer someone skilled at serachin
  19. I'm currently looking to rent 1/4 of a sim. This land should be adult rated, commericial zone, and full perms. Terrain should be grass and there should be absolutely no annoying things allowed. (Ban lines, big mountains, unecessarily huge structures that serve no purpose whatsoever, low skyboxes, etc...) I just want a nice, neat, organized 1/4th sim with the above mentioned zoning, rating, and terrain. Please IM me or drop me a notecare in world. I will respond ASAP.
  20. Hello there, I recently found a building I like on the marketplace but don't want to buy it until I can find somebody capable of texturing it to my specific needs. Here's a link to the builiding in question... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Villa-Anatra/3511898 I'm looking to redesign this mansion into a BDSM club so I was thinking maybe pink and black, black gray and white, Black and red, etc... perhaps even light pink and white. Here are a few examples of textures that I like but I have no idea if they will actually work on the building in question. Therefore I might need to
  21. I'm thinking about getting my own land and my own house but I'm curious about a few things. 1. If I give my friend permission to edit my objects and whatnot, can they edit the textures on my house, move furniture around that I've laid out and so forth? I know they can't access the inventory. I was just wondering if they could edit the textures on the walls, floor, and stuff like that because I don't know how to edit textures just yet. 2. What are the risks for giving said permissions? Could they edit the land itself and "grief" my property? Could they steal objects such as the furnit
  22. 1. Make it mandatory that all stores must have demos of all their stuff, preferably done automatically. Everything else can wait. I've only been here for a month and a half and I can't tell you how many times I "took the chance" thinking "well...maybe" then got slapped in the face with a steaming pile of crap. I made it a personal rule of mine to never buy anything that doesn't have a demo now. Also, if I click "see item in world" and teleport to your main stores location and have to spend more than 10 minutes looking for said item I leave.
  23. I get into all sorts of trouble on SL, but I'm here on the forums looking for a little something more than that. I'm here to more or less find my inner circle of friends, extended family members, and perhaps a Master/Mistress if the right one comes along. Although I'm really not looking to rush into that sort of thing, so please don't try to force collar me. It's very annoying and disrespectful. I firmly believe that it's important to find a small group of friends and family you can really connect with if you're to have any real fun here, and for you to find that group you need to be open and
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