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  1. I just started getting that message “folder name failed to load” yesterday 😣
  2. are you a gacha reseller? find the page in this forum that tells you who to contact, it’s Kristin who takes care of reversing charges for resellers.
  3. Do you have the names blocked? You might not be able to find them in search if so.
  4. And what “habits” are those? We are allowing people to steal real life money from the Lindens???? Thieves are hacking into established accounts when the people are off-line and using their credit cards to buy lindens. THIS is the problem, what are you not understanding?
  5. LL should be putting safeguards in their system, they aren’t. They refund our money using the 10% MP fee they charge everyone for using it. It’s their biggest source of revenue, I don’t think they want the gacha community to pull their items off the MP, only for others to possibly follow (there is inworld you know), I’m sure they have done the math. Are you hinting, with that comment that we should be concern that it’s coming out of LL’s personal pockets?? Its their business, there are avenues that are faulty... fix the problem.
  6. no one should have a large amt on their credit cards just sitting there...
  7. Akira, always submit a ticket to kristin under the marketplace issues section. She’s waiting for us. 😂😣
  8. send it in again but attn it to kristin.
  9. Anybody follow virtual secrets aka sl secrets? Wow, lots of talk about some gacha scammers and their MP stores. Also a comment about what we should do about it... interesting read.
  10. Just got my lindens back! Thank you Kristin!
  11. Well, I’m back 😣 Just got charged 854.00 from Linden Labs. Filed a ticket, Ill post with results!
  12. are these no copy items? Personally i would take all of these out of ur MP and maybe reload them? Call technical problems at linden lab.
  13. you can block but in a short time they’re only going to be on someone else’s account that they hacked and they are only going to be sending things to a yet another fake account..it’s never ending... but it’s worth trying
  14. Well then they might find out overtime that people have pulled out of the marketplace. I for one like many other gacha resellers are not going to take a hit from Linden labs just because they don’t feel like cleaning up all the fraud that’s going on. We simply cannot afford assessments AND the lose of our items. They won’t be passing the buck to me, I will choose just to sell inworld. The marketplace is where linden labs makes most of their money, the more sellers the better for them, but yes, I suppose no copy items would and should have different rules to them. Your post has me thinking though if the majority of items on the marketplace are copy... then there’s actually not much reason to be overly concerned about fraud... 🤔 The charges might be reversed but you’re never out of your item.
  15. Well this is a gacha community forum, I’m not sure what they do about copy items, I would guess if it’s a copy item you never actually lose it 😊 but if it was bought with fraudulent Lindens then they’ve been assessing the accounts and reversing the charges so we’re stuck with them which here lies the biggest problem. they do have the ability to give us our stuff back if they find it but if they refunded our money for the item they’re not going to give us the item back too
  16. they took money again Alma? what were the dates of the purchases, were these new hacks?
  17. omg.. let us know how it works out.. 🤔
  18. Haven’t heard from Akira Mistwood, rasterscan, nikilei, tonk tomcat, xharay, fneil8, & lulu frue as to whether or not they got there refunds. I hope their aware of the update! I’ll find them inworld and let them know. How many of you re-listed your MP? I’m still nervous to.
  19. Who else hasnt gotten their lindens back? sashaspooky?
  20. grats Alma! yes I’m keeping my MP de-listed for now too.
  21. Did you get yours? Patch Linden posted specifics on putting a ticket in. Think its on page 9.
  22. read patch lindens post here , he tells you how to address the ticket.
  23. are you putting the correct words in? see patch lindens post he tells you how to address the ticket
  24. file another ticket! read patch lindens post in this forum
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