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  1. Thanks Loraan :]. I would however like to call this problem fixed. I've been trying and talking with people enough to understand that errors will occur on the road, but this time I have fixed it by using different options. Basicly, the transparency issue was fixed by recalculating normals and paying attention to them. Also I took more lessons on weight painting. Then there was the misplacement issue, which was fixed by using different armature options etc. So the end result was this. Just a test, to make sure I get the hang of it. It is a basic armor that covers the back and front. Fo
  2. Ah, thanks for the reply Loraan :]. I have investigated the applies. They are indeed necessary and can help at times, so I tried making something from scratch and applied everything before fitting it to the kemono body. I have also tried some different optinos but these meshes still keep appearing mispositioned. And no,I am not importing with joints or any Z offset. I only choose skin weights and play with lods settings and thats it. I don't know why I upload these after seeing it misplaced in the preview but I guess I just hope for the best. Anyway thanks again, I'll just keep
  3. Ok... I completely trashed that armor piece and made another one. The transparency issue was gone, then there was deforming issue. I tried and tried and fixed it (probably). However I do not understand why the rigged things don't appear in positions that they are supposed to! I think I'm down... don't know what to do anymore. Peace, and thanks everyone... for your help. PS: Here was a test shirt thing I tried... it was not positioned correctly even though it was in blender...
  4. Thanks, I am looking into it right now. The normals seem like they are facing the right way though: I will be trying some mof the techniques that you have mentioned and see if I can fix it. Otherwise I will just be creating another mesh and see at which point it gets bugged out so that I can understand my mistake. By the way like I said, the object is normal untill skinn weight is applied. Then it becomes inverted like that. I know... its weird. Anyway thanks :]
  5. Hello! This is going to be my second question thread. I have started blendering around last week and I am trying my best to improve. Actually I have made some cool static meshes and scripted them inworld like into a hoverboard. Anyway, I seemed to be doing ok with static meshes. However, I have recently bought an avatar called "Kemono". This avatar is popular these days. Most clothing and attachments don't tend to fit on these avatars unless they are specificly made or are modifyable ( and you know how to do it). The marketplace has tons of clothing and such, however I wanted to go
  6. Thanks to everyone that answered. I didn't have time to try stuff out but with all these replies I'm sure I can do better. I'll have to watch more tutorials and practice I guess. Thanks again.
  7. I basicly followed this tutorial to texture my ugly sword.
  8. Thanks for the reply Drongle. Here it is ingame and on blender: http://i.imgur.com/aw99kkx.png http://i.imgur.com/mM1DhCa.png Anyway, I only made this sword out of 1 cube. What I had was 3 different bits. 2 parts of hilt and the blade. I marked these parts seperately and unwrapped them in a SEPERATE image. I am started to think this was my mistake? Can we only use 1 image for our uv mapping? Edit: So I've tried starting from scratch. Made this werid wingn thing. Marked the outer wing seam and then marked the inner wing seam, created a new image, unwrapped them seperately and th
  9. Hi guys, I haven't really used the forums but it seems like a place with very helpfull people. I am new to meshes and I am trying to learn blender enough to at least make myself some cosmetic technologies. Now I have made this ugly looking sword to try the uploading of a mesh to second life. But there is a problem with its textures. The sword has 3 different parts that I have marked seams of, unwrapped and placed each part into a different image. In blender when I go to look at my mesh in texture mode I can see all these textures in place nicely. Ok they look ugly but they look right. Shown
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