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  1. I find it not so easy to make friends on SL. By friends I mean more than acquaintences. Some people are befriending you to add to their invite list because they DJ or host at a club. I had one person befriend me because she saw me as some kind of project that needed fixing :(. She proved to be no friend at all. I have no time or patience for "fake friends" but it seems to be the norm here in SL. Too many people treat others in SL as if they are disposable.
  2. I am experiencing lag on Second Life like never before. I have not changed anything on my laptop. I have set graphics to LOW, and lowered field of vision to 64 ft, 512bits. Some sims are not as laggy as others but eventually my laptop will crash and I get the spinning circle of death! So it CTRL ALT DELETE, close application, Log back in, over and over again. Not too happy with this. Peter115
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