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  1. Hey everyone! Thank you for the replies! I will definitely check out the other threads you guys shared. Right now with my laptop I can barely do anything in SL. I can move around but it takes forever for stuff to load and its super laggy all the time. I am going to be buying my own SIM and will need a better laptop because I will be building a lot of stuff myself. So because getting my own SIM will be a lot of work for me, I need a better SL experience. I also need a laptop because right now in my home I have nowhere to put a desktop! I have to use my laptop on my bed. And yes it can be uncomfortable but it is a necessity at this time. As for my budget I am setting my max limit to $3,000. I am saving now and it wont be until next year when I can get a new laptop. For now I am doing research. Thank you all for your input! I will be thoroughly researching everything
  2. Hey SL! I am currently using a used HP with Windows 10 but it only has 4GB of RAM. I am going to be buying a better laptop soon. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what sort of laptop and what sort of specs I should get to have a better SL experience? I am going to be buying my own SIM once I get a better laptop.
  3. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone was interested in living on a medieval themed community sim? I havent made it yet. Im trying to see if there is any sort of interest first. There will be a medieval themed town. A kingdom. Lots of awesome medieval tournaments (jousting, sword fights, archery etc...)role play and a few marketplaces. As well as lots and lots of hidden stuff to explore and trails to ride horses on! There will be about 50 housing rentals. Some in the town, some farms. I cant afford to make it if there isnt enough interest. Please let me know your thoughts
  4. Hey! I am subleasing my property. I have a skybox available. Its on land that is commercial. I am currently breeding and selling breedable horses (I just started so I only have 3). Breedables are allowed but they have to have motion off (no walking around). I can send you a copy of the covenant. My skybox comes with 466 prims(932 prims in all) and rent is $L747(thats your half its 1495 a week) a week. Its at Island Oasis Properties. You dont have to sell anything you can just live there if you want. If youre interested please reply to this thread or send me a notecard inworld: moongal721 Resident 
  5. Hey guys! I have a KOT Stables horse. You wear it to ride it. I havent been able to find anyone else who has one. I want to ride around with other KOT Stables horse riders. Does anyone have one? I believe they are the best horses to ride. I have tried all the other ones. But this one seems to be the smoothest and most realistic with many color variations. I also have ABC breedable horses but I dont like to ride them. I breed and sell them. I use my KOT Stables horse to ride around on. If anyone has a KOT Stables horse and wouldnt mind going on rides with me please contact me! inworld: moongal721 Resident 
  6. Hey guys ! My name is Nikki, I've been in SL almost 3 months now. I've already discovered a few things in SL that I enjoy doing. I breed ABC horses and BioBreeds Husky dogs. I also have started attempting to build houses. I really love to bring my ideas to life and SL is the perfect medium for it. I am looking for friends. I am 27 yrs old. I have a RL boyfriend who I live with but he's not really into SL. I am not looking for a SL bf either. I am mostly looking for people who have an interest in breedables, houses or general creation and exploring SL's many islands. I am also looking for people who like to go horseback trail riding in SL. I'm thinking of making my own trails soon. Thank you for reading! You can IM me or reply here I check both.
  7. How do I go about putting a photo in the frame? The walls say "put picture here" I am unsure of how to do this. I tried to drag some photos from my inventory but it doesnt allow me to do this. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know :) Thank you for your time.
  8. Hey thank you for the reality check. I am going to try harder. I bought an actual skin today so I dont say demo anymore. I understand this industry is saturated and it will most definitely be hard to make it but I wont be able to if I dont even try. This is my new skin that I actually paid for. I understand I have a long way to go before I can properly compete with everyone else, so I am going to do a lot more research. Thank you for your input
  9. Hello! I am open to just about anything right now. I enjoy sex but I dont have to have it to make money. I can model, be an escort and dance as well. If you're seeking someone to give Linden to for doing something please contact me! My inworld name is Nikki Luna. I hang out at the Sexy Nude Beach often. I am outgoing, friendly, I am not easily offended or disturbed by things. I am open minded and do not judge. Please give me a chance :)
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