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  1. *if this isn't the right forum topic section please redirect this post to the right forum topic* I'm looking to model shoes for the male avatars but I'm not too big on video tutorials (i have astigmatism irl so i can't squint at the screen long) so I prefer step by step picture guides with directions but sadly those don't exist (i've searched high and low). I want to learn but I feel no one would take the time out to teach or tell me their process. If anyone has any shoe modeling and texturing experience and guides they would like to share it would be much appreciated. software being used: Blender
  2. i wasnt asking for a perfect tutorial lol i was asking for an updated tutorial. I used to design tattoos for a different platform and find that alot of tutorials were not updated and even following those outdated tutorials i still had questions that couldnt get answered and never got answered until i found someone who was willing to show me his exact process and how to perfect it and was able to answer questions. Im just hoping for a fairly decent tutorial that uses photoshop i keep running into Gimp tutorials and i havent used gimp in 4 years so i dont have time to compare between the 2 either lol
  3. im a perfectionists so im not striving for low and mediocre but i have enough patience to make them outstanding. Its just that the tutorials look low and mediocre i guess thats why im struggling to find that just right tutorial lol
  4. never created clothes i just feel like creating tattoos is a much simpler process which maybe can lead up to clothes just not trying to put all my eggs in one basket. I've searched google but ive seen the articles are well over a 2 years old and im not really sure if they are updated enough with the mesh bodies. Thats why i asked for anything updated thats remotely close to updated software and no i dont create for mesh bodies. Im just trying to find my niche in something and i feel tattoos is like that basic start
  5. Are there any step by step text to picture tattoo guides or any updated tutorials for creating tattoos? Software in use: Photoshop CS6 CPU: Windows 10 laptop
  6. thank you I wasn't quite sure where to post this (im still getting use to the forums as well) but thank you for the link i will most certainly take a look at that.
  7. before you try to chew my head off.....im not an experienced creator on SL so everything you just said doesn't make any sense so if you can't point me in the direction of which I asked (which you didn't) then I would appreciate it if you just keep moving. If you are experienced, I would have expected better or something a little more helpful. Plus this would be my first time modeling anything as I seen more tutorials on modeling shoes than texturing I don't have the time to texture as I do work a full time job in real life and don't need the added stress so I figured MODELING a shoe would be a little more therapeutic than the stress and hassle of texturing. But my interest was in MODELING SHOES....can we just keep it on that topic rather than trying to steer me elsewhere?! Thanks
  8. Are there any good shoe modeling tutorials for blender....I prefer step by step instead of videos but videos are good too. I just want to learn something else along side landscaping. Yes I know blender takes time and Im sure modeling a shoe isnt easy but I'm willing to learn as well
  9. Thank you ChinRey I actually saw a few of his waves moments ago that couldnt have been any better timing then seeing this post and actually seeing his waves
  10. i want the one that simulate the foam rolling onto the beach but i want one that looks as real as possible i guess i will continue my search
  11. Ok i think im in the right area if not feel free to relocate this to the right topic forum but im new to landscaping and managed to learn the basics but as far as waves are concerned are there any good waves i can place down on top of the water....i want it to actually look real any suggestions?
  12. Would anyone like to tell me what program is best used for creating male shoes? Preferably a free program for the time being
  13. so if i buy a product that acts as a ground prim i can apply the texture to that? update: i did option 2 and then did option 1 Thaaaaaaaanks
  14. I'm not sure but I hope it falls into the right place to where i get the right help: But i just started landscaping and trying my hand at landscaping a beach on some land im renting (which is of decent size) but i have the beach kits which im getting use to, the water kit system im still figuring out BUT i have the beach sand textures and have no idea how to use them to place them on the ground? If any landscapers can guide me I will greatly appreciate the help and advice.
  15. ok thanks I didnt know paypal could be used....i will let them see this thank
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