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  1. Hello KMaee, welcome to SL, it is a lot of fun for sure, you might come by Brays Place Blues club and meet some new people, if you see me there say hello and I have a nice and helpful welcome gift for you, lots of great lm's to the best stores, stores with great free gifts and a few other goodies http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brays Place/128/184/23
  2. Hi People! Pansy here, I am just over 5 years old(61 in 1st life). I enjoy playing skippo and greedy and a few other games while chatting in voice. I am a Christian so don't participate on the x rated side of sl. I used to play golf, boat and fly a helicopter on here but haven't done that in a long time. If you want to come chat or just hang out with some great tunes I love to hang out at Bray's Place Blues club, its a fun interactive club which welcomes all kinds of SL beings as long as you keep your private parts covered. Though mainly fantastic Blues music there are beach, meadow and b
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