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  1. Come check out a relaxing and cozy winter sim. Allowed rez. Encourag photo opportunities. SLUrl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kalamata/115/219/23
  2. Hello Tazen, I am a freelance photographer in Second Life and do it mostly as a hobby and fun. It really depends on what types of photos you are looking to take. Are you taking photos of people or are you taking pictures of a scene? Are you going to use an outside photo editing tool or just use the raw material of windlight and other such settings? I personally do both photos of people and scenes and I really prefer to capture the raw wholeness of a photo in Secondlife. Only using windlight as my main soruce of RAWR. Suggestions you say? Well if youre going to take photos of people who be
  3. With this post i'd like to point out there is some other activites to do on our sim. There is... -Various spots to lay and make snow angels. -Sledding down the hill & around the sim. -Ice skating; Either on the lake or around the whole sim on the ice! -Small games such as picture matching or a game of 'Simon says'. -Kid friendly spot up in the tree house with some mini activities. I'd also like to note that we have kind of done or own dynamic weather. Some days the whole sim might be a blizzard or just a light snow. Some days not a snow flake to be found. So be sure to check back o
  4. So we've decided to add Santa... or what I mean to say is Santa has arrived a little early! So if you want to come see Santa and tell him what you want for the holiday common over to the Winter Sim and hop on Santa's lap. Youre welcome to take photos around the sim. Please enjoy! 
  5. Hello! A few weeks ago a friend of mine and I went around looking for a great winter sim to take pictures in and just generally explore and feel the cool winter breeze blow by. While there is a few good places out there that are winter themed. A lot of them are a combined Christmas/Winter sim. So we set out to make a winter sim of our own. One that is beautiful and cozy. And we are to the point where we want to invite you to come see it!  So grab your scarves and warm jackets. Come see our sim! There is lots of cozy spots to hang around at, some games to play, make a few snow angels, sled
  6. Hello! I am looking for really nicely decorated sims that is winter themed. If you happen to know any sims that have great care to show the winter spirit please share the SLurl with me :) It would help a lot. I've been on the hunt for awhile now and i'm having little luck finding a nice area. :) Thank you~
  7. Okay. Thanks for the quick responce Amethyst. I had googled and looked with no avail. Muchly appreciated
  8. Bah! Ive been looking all over... going in circles. Who does it change the 30$L a week to have the place 'show in search' when that box is checked in the About land -> General tab Is it set for the group that owns the land? The Owner of the land? Or the Owner of the sim? Thank you kindly for any helps
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