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  1. I'm so very sad that HL may have to close. Sci-fi in many forms has always been something special to me. I love visiting both Hangars & Insilico. I'm joint owner of a Sci-fi/Fantasy store and would happily rent space for our Sci-fi stuff to help if that was of any help, but I am unsure if that can be done with the discussion around non-profit and land fees? I would also happily rent a little home there! Hopefully we can all pull together and help somehow. 😞
  2. Do you have an interest in alternative fashion? Are you well organised? Are you a good communicator? Do you find it enjoyable to deal with others? If so, this position might be just what you're looking for.. I am the owner and designer for an alternative clothing store {MOEKO}. I also run a monthly event, Aristo and a hunt in November, The Somber Heart Hunt. I require someone to manage the bloggers that blog for my store and my events. You need to be able to document who has blogged and when, and to share blog posts via social media. You will be willing to contact bloggers who haven't been active to find out reasons and to remove (after consultation with me) if necessary. A good work ethic and a polite disposition are essential. Your reward initially will be access to all of {MOEKO} new releases and all of the excusive items for the Aristo event from the various designers. The position can be viewed as a stepping stone to being more involved in event organisation and future promotion is possible for the right candidate. If you are interested, please send a notecard entitled "Blogger Manager Application - [your name]" to MoekoTatekana. In the notecard please provide: Your name (not display name)Any relevant SL experienceYour FacebookYour FlickrYour TwitterYour Google+Your Blog (if applicable)The name of someone who can provide a personal reference.If you have any questions, please put them in a notecard and send it to me, MoekoTatekana, and I'll get back to you asap. Thanks!
  3. I'm looking for a script that will just give an object to someone of the same group BUT that is wearing a specific role tag rather than to anyone from the group. I've looked, but can only find group giver scripts. I don't mind paying, I just can't find it. If someone could point me in the right direction, thanks.
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