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  1. So, we can't agree English can be tricky and leave it at that? A pity. If you want to get into uncharitable interpretations of other person's thought processes, make invalid assumptions and grandstand, knock yourself out. I'm not going to respond further.
  2. This is how you, personally, read it. Many other native speakers read it otherwise. I'll just say English can be tricky and leave interpreting what is "correct" or "incorrect" to those with strong opinions.
  3. While you are correct with your examples, people express themselves both ways in English. It's highly contextual and thus using "we" without being conscientious of context becomes a landmine. I already gave counterexamples where "we" means "everybody" and won't repeat them here. I'm not going to touch how English speakers use "we" when they mean "you specifically as an individual," or "I myself as an individual." This is not a case of being overly picky ~ written English can be damn tricky. There was a misunderstanding and I think the participants in the conversation all understand e
  4. I think this is a great idea. If you wanted, you could rephrase it in a personal tone also, maybe, "I was hiding behind my avatar. Have others experienced this?"
  5. Setting aside misunderstanding because of wording, I think this is a great question. In my experience, it's all incremental steps of growth. I've become much more open, gone too far, pulled back ~ experience and mistakes have helped me become more comfortable dealing with people. Part of it has been letting go of the anxiety and developing a healthy level of "don't give a 🤬." People are people ~ we're all terribly messed up top to bottom. But what works for me doesn't work for everybody.
  6. I can accept and be forgiving of unclear language. English can be tricky when it comes to nuance. Actually, in English we can use "we" and "everybody" interchangeably. "Why do we need to eat?" "Why do we breathe air?" "Why do we die?"
  7. The short answer ~ be "OK" with the idea that people can set their own personal boundaries. You have no right to dictate to others what their personal boundaries need to be. To accuse others of "hiding" is using manipulative language to shame others into behaving the way you wish them to behave. (Also, ensure you're not an extrovert wondering why introverts are behaving strangely.) So, I take it you were feeling insecure and felt discontent with your experience with your online presence. You then developed some courage to let go of some of your worries and found they were phanto
  8. If anybody uses Microsoft Code for other things, it handles LSL just fine with an extension. It gives me the LSL keywords, functions, help text, etc. as with any other language.
  9. In response to Oz Linden's comment I know that this is a specialized way and doesn't address most cases, but it fits my needs. I use OAuth2 in my scripts. When a script starts, it presents client credentials to an authentication server. It receives an access token back, which the script remembers (below). This oath2header is added to all the HTTP requests from the script. list oauth2header = [HTTP_CUSTOM_HEADER,"Authorization","Bearer " + llJsonGetValue(body, ["access_token"])]; The benefit I receive is middleware on my server rejects all requests that don't
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