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  1. Yes that is the same with any program employing a render engine. I assume 2ndlife empluys basically an online rendering system, similar to a lot of online games. If I make a poser figure too complicated, like a big battle cruser or furry clown, won't work crash ad burn
  2. thank you. Now it's working surprise surprise but it does say 2048 x 2048 interesting that it is exactly double. But thanks resized in Gimp and off we go
  3. What my little plan is, is to create kind of a super hero villain park with Statues, maybe even some day with this new ani mesh I hear about. Attached is one of my FAV SL AV Clowns I bought. I will of course be uploading my own to make my statues, if I can ever figure it out. Still stuck on uploading tga files, keep getting a larger than the max size allowed file, although it is well under the max at 1800 x 1800 I thank you
  4. http://www.independentdeveloper.com/archive/2007/09/27/sculpted_prims_from_existing_3 I have never uploaded much of anything to SL although I have lots of space rented out to do so. This AC3D, looks real interesting I have made a lot of object statues in the past, mainly space ships guns and some curvy ladies and Aliens. Also Clowns and Super Heroes. Anybody had success using AC3D.
  5. Cannot load images larger than 2048 x 2048 error is being received. When I try to upload a 1776 x 1776 tga file when it is made in gimp or by using this https://www.outworldz.com/Secondlife/posts/gif/Create-Gif-in-Second-Life.htm
  6. Look I see a lot of questions and for whatever reason they seem to get answered. Search terms on google can give you the results you need or not, sending you on a wild goose chase. I really appreciated what the lady gave me.
  7. So Threats NOW! AR ME?! WELL as for the wrong spot Someone also put my post right back in the area you said it should not be so PLEASE just go fight with her! I just wanted a little direction which I got from another nice lady and it was greatly appreciated BYE BYE
  8. AHHHH BINGO ding ding finally this is pretty much where I was stuck Export an object to second life Here we go ! thanks again
  9. Right thank you that's pretty much it. The reason I explained it like that, is people were messaging me about avatars. Not talking about that, so that is why I clarified with the Someone else can still see the statue of let's say Batman figure when I am not on line. So basically a statue or like a chair or wall but a human figure with textures that I have seen and bought on SL store. NOT an Avatar. I understand you can NOW make Mesh statues. SO how does one do that? They are apparently low prim count, or high if you like depending how you do them. I have all the software and know how to use, just need some basic step by steps. thanks again for the link. I looked and used every conceivable search term and word combo, and kept getting nothing to speak of.
  10. Can you make a mesh statue? If so is/are there any simple step by step instructions or video? thank you
  11. HI; I am looking for a simple step by step tutorial to upload an object type to my Island area that I have. Basically it would be a Statue something like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/roman-statue-mesh-Full-Perm/4472895 but more like the Joker Clown object I made in Poser [not as the attached picture, that is an avatar I purchased in Second Life] see attached Avatar as an example only. I am NOT referring to Avatars at all My plans are ... I would make the Joker or a Batman or Superman Statue that other avatars can see when they are online in Second Life, and I am not. What format may I upload to my location in second life which yes does allow me to unpack objects etc etc eg is it 3Dstudio, WaveOBJ, mtl [from Blender} I understand it should be best manipulated/transformed in Blender. That is pretty much the extent of the info I can find. SL would not accept the mtl I made Please if you have NEVER made and exported a Statue to SL, there is no need to reply I am also not looking to do this for profit or open a store just have a little fun making some nasty villains and heroes. I apologize humbly if this is not in the correct spot and please just message me with any condemnation for me asking for help. I am not a stupid person I have been working with computers for fun and curiosity mostly since the 70's [FORTRAN and Pascal ,visual basic C+] with pretty decent application knowledge for autocad-LT turbo cad Poser Pro etc. I have made and modified hundreds of textures and animations/BVH. and while I have been messing around with SL since it first came out including a stint working with TTS on it in 2008-09,
  12. Right screw it I will figure it out myself thanks for the help !!!
  13. Right so point me to the tutorial then ?! please !
  14. RIGHT !!! got it but I have no clue where to get an answer for this question. GO ahead and erase this one I can not for some reason ... posted it in general
  15. Hi Can some one PLEASE just send me to some information like a video PDF what ever, on how to produce an object ... in let's say POSER, that I can then upload to Second Life and just sit down somewhere on the island I own and so other people can see and that I can add textures to but NOT animations ... not asking about ANI's ... I know that is under development ... ... let's say the batman or Joker [like the pic attached but NOT the same of course] I have Blender, Poser 14 PRO, Auto CAD light, etc etc AND PLEASE do NOT tell me I have posted this some place else. I get it, but I do NOT know where to post this question so I am trying GENERAL Thank you my fellow GEEKS
  16. Hi Is it possible to make a statue from a Mesh character in Second Life and do a single pose? If so please direct me to some instructions on it please. The clown is an Avatar something like I would want to make into a Statue please and do a single pose on thank you
  17. Hi Is it possible to make a statue from a Mesh character in Second Life and do a single pose? If so please direct me to some instructions on it please. The clown is an Avatar something like I would want to make into a Stature please and do a single pose on thank you
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