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  1. I have tried betaverse boards. They seem to get some hits, but it really depends where you get them. Best has been in London town, but the cost does not justify the hits. Also they have a major glitch. When you try to replace an item, even while using the directions, the board sometimes freezes up and stops working. It does not give out the ad details any more to customers or allow you in to make changes or check the board stats itself. Plus there is very poor customer service, they have never answered any of my issues
  2. HI I have been making animations with Poser and other programs for several years now. Recently I have had some success in getting the animations to move along the vertical axis, like sitting jumping and spinning, while doing dance moves fight moves etc. However, unlike some animations I have seen for dancing and even bought , I cannot get the avatar to move along the original design of the animation along a horizontal plane with anis I have made. for example, I made a dance animate, and then tuned in in BVhacker for upload to SL. However unlike the original poser to bvh, animation, the avatar stays stationary and will not move back and forth while dancing, same with a fight animation I made. I have bought both fight and dance animations that do make the avatar either walk or dance or struggle back and forth. What do I have to do to get the movement effect transferred, along with the other body movements for my animations. I must be missing something wrong here, as other people seem to be able to make animations with horizontal plane movements blended in with the other animated actions, Also I assume you should be able to make an animation that causes the avatar to walk a certain distance, right? thank you
  3. Well thank you I guess the only problem is that I do not want to start off the animation in a T pose. I probably missread you. I assume then that I shoud not eleiminate the t pose, save it as frame 01 right? then add in the rest of the ani frames and keyframes, then save the bvh somehow from frame 02 on to eliminate the T frame from the final product so that basically I am uploading a bvh with frames always starting from 02 to 03 etc etc to the last frame ???
  4. thank you for the reply; 1st off I have noticed this happening when I have tried to upload two sources; 1- When i tried uploading a couple of bvh ready made sample poses from the link at the top of this page [ http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Create_Animations_with_Poser ] I noticed that all the poses/single frame bvh, that were supposed to be horizontal all made my avatars both classic and mesh that I tried these on, assume only vertical positions with the bvh being used. 2- when I have made horizontal poses such as crawling or rolling or being pinned on the ground during a wrestling pose for example, they all appear vertical. after I upload them to SL There is no displaced limbs, crushing, or error messages. In fact the poses or animations look perfect. For the ones I made in Poser 11 pro identical to how they appeared after making them in Poser with the proper SL-avatar models as provided from a Second Life contributor [[also from a link at the top of this page http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Create_Animations_with_Poser ]] Like I said they look perfect except they are vertical . Now I have bought full perm dance animations, some which include a sassy horizontal ground segment to the move. all no problem with keeping the horizontal aspects of the animation. But my animations when downloaded via the viewer systems [either SL's or firestorm] although looking OK otherwise, will not retain the horizontal aspect they were made on is Poser, or [I assume] in the case of the ones in the zip folder I got from this page http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Create_Animations_with_Poser are also not retaining their horizontal aspect . Now I thought it had something to do with the Y vertical aspect of the real world or Poser's view, vs the Z vertical aspect for Second Life's world? Now could that be the problem? I do not think the full perm BVH that I bought in world have any lsl script associated with them? thank you again for your reply. Maybe it is just the Y vs z thing ? Also your question ... ""Like, do you keep a reference vertical TPose on frome one, before the avatar goes into a horizontal position?"" do you mean the very first pose or frame of my animation should be a T pose? In any case I do put all my fresh SL avatar Poser Models in a T pose prior to starting their timeline/framing and keyframing
  5. Hi I have a problem downloading horizontal based animations like sleeping and crawling that I have either got off of SL Wiki or made myself in Poser. All the vertical ones download and play properly but nothing that is horizontal?! am I doing something wrong when I download to my SIM in second life? makes no sense what so ever. I even made a bvh in poser with the proper SL models you can download off of wiki. Same issue, does not work But the problem does not end with my creations, The sample bvh's that I downloaded in a zip from SL wiki all work unless they are horizontal, very strange


    i'm sorry Just a little gal waiting for the College bus to pull by


    Mistake is all posted this to wrong area, moved it when I tried to delete it here... would not let me ohh ya "O" then P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    Linden Water

    WELL WELL WELL. No shortage of toilet humour here Speaking of Sewage Treatment Plants those wonderful folks at "Aley Mart" have one for free and free is good https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Slum-City-Sewer-Block-E-91-prims-no-mod/6335539

    Linden Water

    Interesting. I was wondering the same thing a while back. Would be nice if Linden Labs would set up a pay per use Wormhole like TP system so someone could sail to a point where ones island/sim water ends, pay a couple of L and get access to a large Linden ocean for a few hours or so? Me ... I am finishing setting up my "Abyss"... [big skybox deal] Deeper than wider and using some great free items as well as some of my own underwater creations modes. More scuba and mini- sub fun than big water sailing though.
  10. YUP I just dusted off my old firestorm browser and went on line with my lap top and everything was OK. Then while still on my lap top used the current 2nd life viewer and WAM my memory started to drop like a stone again but on my other computer. WHAT is going on?
  11. Just after I updated the main SL viewer today, I began noticing an unusual drop in my Hard drive memory/space. It went from around 150 G free to about 15G in one hour. I thought it was me downloading something or doing work with Autocad. But it was not. After I cleaned up some stuff I went back onto SL and bang it was dropping 1 G from my hard drive roughly every minute. Checked with the "Geek Squad" online and they could find no problems, Anyone else notice this today???
  12. So I have a ball say a soccer ball and I give it the basic rubber physics, default right, then I fabricate a long prim trough take two basic block prims make them into a v shaped trough Then put the ball in it, give it a shove then it should roll to the end, where I can put a rubber physics wall right and it should bounce or roll back to the other end of the trough where there is another rubber wall and bingo, depending on the length of the trough this could go back and forth a couple of times?
  13. Is that something like Alpha shifting that they do in some statues to make it look like they are moving? It is a fake form of animation. I was warned to stay away from it, as it can gum up the viewer if you have too complicated or too many playing at once? They are basically to my understanding three or more poses in sequence where the alpha or texture is turned on and off?
  14. I thought you could only use Avastar/blender successfully in a dae export to SL? [someone correct me if I am wrong] Isn't that why Avastar is so successful. I had a brief look and try out of Manuel Bastioni some time ago. Nice support for figures and making clothes etc etc, but LL platform does not seem to like it? correct?? I shall continue to learn Avastar SL is a very precise & somewhat odd and extremely restrictive platform for good reasons. make human also had it's weakneses ala SL?
  15. No kidding I had the same problem with a T position stand. The thing would not work at first then I could not right click on anything to edit without the stupid HUd poping up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Hi it actually stopped last night. when I did exactly that. However when I just came in it was rotating. so about five minutes ago I deleted, re uploaded and now it works NO rotation for my little loft thank you
  17. I kinda gotta wonder about this while I am messing with this little problem. What is going to happen when they have ani mesh running all over the place??? YIPE!
  18. Still rotating ... flipping Alpha??? from Innula Zenovka 2014 post How do I do what is suggested below? ""As you probably know, llTargetOmega is client-side unless the object is physics-enabled. That is, the prim doesn't actually move as far as the sim is concerned; the rotation effect is caused by your GPU and CPU drawing the prim as if it's rotating smoothly. This means that simply setting the rotation to START_ROT doesn't have any effect, since as far as the sim is concerned, the prim is still at START_ROT. The work-round is to do something that forces your viewer to redraw the prim for you, so it redraws it at START_ROT rather than at what the rotation seemed to be when you stopped llTargetOmega. Two common work-rounds are to briefly to flip the alpha of a face on the prim that can't be seen to invisible and then back to visible, or briefly to have the prim "display" some hovertext set at 0.0 alpha and then wipe the invisible text. Either of those should force a redraw. An alternative approach would be, once you stop llTargetOmega, actually to change the prim's rotation by 10 degrees or so, using llSetRot and then flip it right back to START_ROT. """
  19. Thank you all here is a good discussion I finally found
  20. So reinstall the script but into the room when it stops when I touch edit it? then reinstall and set to zero I not longer have the script where can I get a GOOD one?
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