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  1. 45 minutes ago, bigmoe Whitfield said:

    No such thing as free speech on a privately owned companies forum,  they will allow a certain point to be made and said, but if a line is crossed, it can be nuked from orbit and deleted by the staff of the company and this is at their discretion.

    B I N G O

  2. 1 hour ago, Carson Bigbear said:

    I have had this problem multiple times, here are the things that I have run into being a problem.

    1. Second Life doesn't like a mesh that was converted to from a curve to be the root of the upload.

    2. Your Material name has a special character in it somewhere.

    3. Your mesh name has a special character somewhere in it. 


    Sometimes this problem can be a fluke too, on earlier meshes I could get around the problem by exporting as a .obj and reimporting as a .obj and then exporting as a dae. I have found most success in changing the names of the mesh or material.

    I don't think it really has anything to do with the LOD values, but with this error message I highly recommend you read the log. There is an entirely different error message you get with your mesh is corrupted and it specifically tells you to LOOK AT THE LOG. 

    Also, I always get this message after clicking calculate LOD, and etc. ( not exact button name), but generically if you can see your mesh in the view then you are going to be okay its just something small. 

    DISCLAIMER: All this info has absolutely no source to back it up, it is just coming from my experience uploading mesh! I wish you all luck!

    thank you 

  3. Hi Ya'll ... as I mentioned in announcements [and not supposed to mention here ????  well just once I guess ??? :) ]  my big Ass Adult SIM is finally open.  Just have to Tweak the Residential/light-Adult commercial areas for Good Boys and Bad Girl AVs and Furries I do love Furries even have a Customized Merlotte's Bar for them :) 

    Lots of varied and interactive fetish items, with the main throust being sci fi vampie related and with Wrestling/catfights and lesbian action being the drift. come on by please, most of the good stuff is gratis, with the really hot stuff costing something :) 

    Anyhow my 1st and only post here per the Rules, please come by and visit. Main landing point here;

    WestGallery Mall

    With the Main TP Station, Grand Central of VampIsle here

    will help you get around PDQ 

    So that's my General Announcement.  Please come on by.  Out Big final Grand Opening will be During the Week of Ukrainian Christmas.

    Ukraine XMas

    thanks again 

    Hugs Kisses and a Little Nibble xoxoxo V--V

    love Jane 

  4. Hi Y'all;


    If you are into soft Fetishes, in particular with a Vampire wrestling catfight Slant, please come on by and check us out.  This is probably more PG14 than xxx Adult. My Husband and I really like the 

    Vampire SciFi mix, and this has afforded us a nice interactive Venue to live out our the GalaxiBabe Story lines we have been working on over the years.  We have lots of Animated bots and some fairly unique niche stuff.  Not mind blowing but hopefully in the sexy and cool vien The main landing points to our SIM is first off [PG-14 landing] 

    First to get around ... Our version of Grand Central Station complete with all the main TP's to our 30K SIM and also Grid Wide transport systems.

    GC Stn. = http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Forgotten/90/34/432    still have some issues but, just IM "WestCat" if you have problems.  Here you will be able to see all the members and none Member areas in one spot.  Well at least the TP links to them.  Inside the Globe is a pretty decent three category Grid Wide Transport system. 

    Then there is the Titty Twister Biker Truck Driver and Vamp Bar.  Somewhat more than changed/customized from the one we bought from the SL Store  Plus we actually put up their whole deal, it is HUGE, and is at the very end of our SIM before the Space Sci_fi area begins, and also at the end of our Wicked road ..... Mwaa hahahahahah you are going to die ....This will also get you a hot peek of our two wrestling fountain Vamps [if they have not got kicked off line by our server,] we have other wrestling bots right now, but their little sample of my husbands 400 plus fight animations etc should be enough for now, until very early in the New year 2019. 

    here TT = http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Forgotten/119/130/845  You have to TP down to get to the Fountain.  Bar itself is members only, but is pretty dam cheap to join ClubCatfight.

    Then the VampIsle Landing Area is here = Borders the members only Vampire Zone VI = http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Forgotten/93/110/22  Home of the Vahalla

    Vampire Clan of Sapphic Amazon Vamps.

    Then my fav and yours, the WestGallery Shopping Mall. Still under development only half full. Also just finishing off our Residential/light-commercial area for good boys and bad girls :) 

    Our Sexy Time Huts by the Sea are all set to go.  Sea View condo has it's first full interactive animation/statue Suit complete, [1 of 6] and is ready for rent.  Our First Bot Globe is almost Ready and comes with the option of two very hot and well trained bots.  It is really customized and really nice.  [1 of 3] and we half about 6 more affordable sky boxes planned.  1st one is almost done.  

    We have been real busy with our Bot Training/animation-scripts and game areas.  Got a wild highway and more than a couple of Adult Bars.  Around 6 I believe :)  Should be enough. 

    We only use the very best and consequently most expensive animated Adult Furniture, and our learning fast how to make our own.  


    Thanks for Reading, and no I am not going to start Spamming here, to darn busy :) 

    constructive criticism and heads ups via IM to "WestCat"  me Jane Leglock is very appreciative.  Still a rooky although we first stumbled in here around 2009 if not sooner, then came back a while ago. 


    hugs kisses and a Little Nibble xoxoxo V--V

    love Jane   






  5. Since the last restart the sequence script does not appear to be functioning in any of the animated prims, such as dance pads I made over the weekend using AVsitter2.

    Saturday and Sunday they worked fine.  But now they stop on the first animation and will not advance to the 2nd and 3rd like they di before I reset the scripts etc and still when two AV's sit on the script they stop at the first animation and do not move onto the second dance etc then loop 


  6. On 11/5/2018 at 3:10 AM, ellestones said:

    i havent had a play with it myself but could try doing it with the notecard commands and see how you get on

    something bare bones to get started with like in AVpos notecard:

    SEQUENCE MyAutoDances

    SYNC MyAutoDances | <default animation name>

    and thats all

    then in Contents is the AVSequence notecard named MyAutoDances and the AVSequence script in addition to the AVpos scripts



    Ya I was over complicating things.  My Husband helped straighten me out. I can even get two bots now to auto dance together on a loop or around 12 repeating dances.  

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  7. On 11/5/2018 at 8:13 AM, Alyona Su said:

    Everything AVsitter that is configured in any way is done through the AVpos notecard. Though this AutoPlay script looks like an aftermarket script (not part of the official AVsitter system, but an add-on).

    In this case, the section where you name the poses:

    "Couples1" will be the name of the SYNC pose in the AVpos notecard, not the animation name. The same for the Singles pose but it will be a POSE name.

    In @ellestones example: SYNC MyAutoDances | <default animation name> - the pose name in this case is "MyAutoDances" - so your script would look like:

    string COUPLES_POSE = "MyAutoDances";

    Make sense? I don't know if this is the case, though I do know AVsitter inside and out for years and this makes the most sense to me.

    Thanks all, finally figured it out, I can even do it by groups now but via a HUD.  For example in the full Auto, I now have made two pads.  with both a single AV can sit and just do a slow jive, then when the other sits, they start into the auto sequence and it keeps looping until one stands.  I even tweeked it and got it to work with two of my Bots.   I order one bot to sit on it, then the other bot comes along wither by the Smart Bots route script or by my command and they both start dancing and loop through around 12 songs/dances, I even figures out how to add expressions.   With the HUD version you can select looped specific animation sequences.  You can still dance with a bot but one has to be able to run the HUD...   thanks again to all those who tried to help.   :)

  8. 2 hours ago, Cindy Evanier said:

    Thats probably because its open source, looked after by  unpaid volunteers and the inworld group is the place to ask.   secondlife:///app/group/ccd07e24-4fdd-750f-f28f-fadd795d32ca/about

    I don't know but if nobody is able to help you, its possible what you want it to do is not possible or never been tried before 

    OK, there is another way but more labour/pad building and switching intensive :)  thanks

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  9. On ‎10‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 7:36 PM, Cindy Evanier said:

    Sounds to me like you need to set up a sequence to do what you want.  Autoplay is a different thing and just determines what animation a couple should start on when a second person sits and what Pose a single sitter is returned to after the 2nd person stands as far as I know.  The best place to ask is the inworld unofficial avsitter group.

    Right thank you but regarding the AVsitter group, does not appear to be active or able to answer the question, and regarding Questions the AVsitter2 Q&A page seems to be not taking anymore questions?  thank you

    QA page shut down in 2017 https://avsitter.com/qa/  


  10. HI;


    I have found two different AutoPlay scripts. one with a *in the front of it when placed in the Content folder of the object and one without;


    with the "*" 


    * Automatically plays COUPLES_POSE when 2 avatars sit.
    * Optionally plays SINGLES_POSE when one avatar stands.
    * Requires scripts from box 2.1-11.01 or later.

    string COUPLES_POSE = "Couples1";
    string SINGLES_POSE = ""; //can leave empty


    integer IS_SYNC;

       changed(integer change){
            if(change & CHANGED_LINK){
                integer avatar_count = llGetNumberOfPrims() - llGetObjectPrimCount(llGetKey());
                if(avatar_count>1){ // more than one avatar sitting
                    if(!IS_SYNC){ // initial avatar had not selected a SYNC pose 
                        llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,90000,COUPLES_POSE,""); // play couples pose
                else if(SINGLES_POSE){
                    llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,90000,SINGLES_POSE,""); // play singles pose
        link_message(integer sender, integer num, string msg, key id){
                // Extract the data into a list
                list data = llParseStringKeepNulls(msg,["|"],[]);
                // TRUE if the pose is a SYNC pose
                IS_SYNC = (integer)llList2String(data,6);

    AND the one with out the *,   just  Autoplay

    * This example automatically plays a pose when 2 avatars sit
    * and a different pose when one avatar stands.

    string SINGLES_POSE = "Standby";
    string COUPLES_POSE = "Sequence"; 

       changed(integer change){
            if(change & CHANGED_LINK){
                integer count_avatars = llGetNumberOfPrims();
                while (llGetAgentSize(llGetLinkKey(count_avatars)) != ZERO_VECTOR){ // prim is an avatar!


    Basically I want one that will work with the more detailed sequence setup in AVSitter2.


    Per https://avsitter.com/#animationsequences 

    Animation Sequences

    AVsitter provides two ways to do sequences: the AVsequence™ script and the "built-in" sequence method. Read about both and use the method most appropriate for your situation.


    I would prefer to use the more sophisticated AVsequence system as opposed to the built in method.  But so far I can only get the Autoplay to work with the "Built in sequence" method.

    Is there a way to get the Autoplay to work with the more detailed AVsequence system?

    I would prefer the later as the positions of my dance and sport animations changed a bit with each sequenced animation and the "built in method" does not allow you to change the position from animation to animation in the sequence.   

    and yes I tried the AVsitter group over the past couple of months with no real feedback, the Q and A page also appears to be abandoned. 

    thank you 





  11. Just now, Cindy Evanier said:

    Sounds to me like you need to set up a sequence to do what you want.  Autoplay is a different thing and just determines what animation a couple should start on when a second person sits and what Pose a single sitter is returned to after the 2nd person stands as far as I know.  The best place to ask is the inworld unofficial avsitter group.

    Thank you  

  12. Hi 


    I need help with my AV 2 Sitter. I have even made some solo and couples basic poses, but I need help with the auto start script that is supplied.


    Basically what I want to try and make is a dance pad.  I have several dance animations that I would like to play in an auto start sequence.

    Basically one avatar sits on the pad, and starts doin a solo dance jive, then when a second avatar sits on the same pad, they both start a different kinda jive dance, then after ten seconds, they do another looped dance, then another after a further 10 seconds, and so on.  I have read and understand the instructions for adding in the times loops and syncing them, but it is getting the auto play to work.  I read through the script and it said do not touch anything below this line?  I see it identifies the solo dance/jive by a specific name.  do Ihave to name my dances with the same name?  I have gone through all the videos provided.  I even paid the full $L price for it, so I would truly appretiate some help.  Even just directing me to more videos.  I found a couple but the were not in English.  

    thank you 



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