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  1. In 2009 I was in a band that was playing Grateful Dead music, although I didn't know the music all that well. These guys would crank out two sets of Dead tunes and I'd be a bit lost since I didn't know the catalog. So what I would do is sit at home and practice playing full Grateful Dead concerts. I got good at it, and along the way developed a unique one-man band style that had a lot of improvisational jamming.
    Around that time I heard about this thing called Second Life which was a virtual world that apparently had a live music scene in it where musicians would play live music for people in virtual bars and clubs. I was intrigued by this, so I logged on to see if I could perform my Grateful Dead Experience there. So when you signed up for it back then, you had to pick a name from a list of last names. Since I was doing Grateful Dead music, i thought Luckless sounded good, and I added Jed to it which was also Dead-y and I had a fun association with the name from my childhood too. So Jed Luckless became my avatar name in Second Life. If you told me years later some people would only know me as Jed, and even my Dad would be calling me Jed I would have laughed at you.  
    But what happened was I did find a place to play my show, and I became a Second Life rock and roller. I eventually branched out into my original music which was very well received. I started doing "tours" and built a following of "Jed Heads." I've now played over 500 shows and I continue to play Second Life concerts at venues all over the grid. I have great fans who follow me around, and Second Life gives me the opportunity to share a deep catalog of my original music - every show is totally different and unique based on the energy the fans bring to it. I love providing those kinds of joyful musical experiences for others and it's hard for me to imagine what my life would be like without this amazing outlet.
    Thank you Second Life!
    - Jammin' Jed
    PS - A group of SL musicians and I recently collaborated remotely on a single to raise money for COVID-19 relief. The enthusiasm I received from everyone and the incredible level of talent they contributed moved me to tears many times during the process. The result is amazing and you can check it out at www.helpingband.org. Thanks for you support! 
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  2. As a result of my music career in SL, I have adopted a completely new identiy IRL. There are many people in my life now who only know me as Jed. Even my mom and dad call me Jed now. Many aspects of my life are divided between the Jed identify and my previously existing, real life identity (ie, music & art vs. business & job). There are benefits and drawbacks to this approach which I would be happy to discuss.

    You can learn more about me at www.jedluckless.com and I can be reached at jed.luckless@gmail.com if you would like to discuss further.

    Thanks for your interest in our wonderful world of SL!

    -Jammin' Jed

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