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  1. Just use the skin that is closest to yours if you wanna keep your system head. If someone is going to cam you that hard to see the seam, the heck with them or do as others have mentioned and wear a collar of some kind to hide it if you feel you need to. This is your SL and you are the one that needs to be happy with yourself hun so just go for it!!
  2. No special characters involved here. It just seems to be certain days and times. I copy and paste the body to save time and some days work and some give me the error and it just started.
  3. I have been doing Events for years and now all of a sudden getting this error on certain times of days and it will not let me past it no matter what program I use. How can I fix this so that I can get my Events posted for the club? Surely I am not the only one getting this error. HELPPPPPP.
  4. i ask this because i do them for myself and the dj's that does not have a host or the sets that dont have a dj/host so i could really use more spots than just 5 a day because at this rate, i run out really quickly. i understand most dont have that many sets in a day but i am doing more than just mine and doing fer the entire club and wondering if exceptions or anything ever could or would be done in such cases. i could use some help here. also, when you do respond back to me, is there a way i can respond back to you as well? i couldnt last time at all. thanks fer any help. happy holidays from
  5. i host and i know many others do as well and many clubs make us do 2 weeks in advance and with a limit of 5 listings per day, it makes it very hard because the system max's us out. can anyone pls expand this number? also, as far as the timing goes, it says u cant enter another and wait but how long exactly do u have to wait? is it from the 1st event you entered or the last before you got blocked? i did some last night and the night before but tonight, i cant do any because it is blocking me saying i have done the max already which i havent entered any tonight yet. this is confusing as crap, lo
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