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  1. Hi. I have a lot of machinima making experience. You're welcome to contact me at musikrant@gmail.com Feel free to email me. I will send you some links. https://youtu.be/ajww9L5MRlQ
  2. Hi Olivia Thanks for responding. I'll swim over to the beach and check it out !!! I'll be in touch. FUTURE Wilma1972
  3. A COLORFUL sense of humor is a good thing 🎶.
  4. Are you looking for a ♫ WOOT WOOT ♫ HOST for your club? And/or MANAGEMENT position needing to be filled? I am almost SL age 6 and super responsible. #1 I like people, #2 Have a "smarty pants" sense of humor, #3 Show up on time always, #4 Hosting experience, #5 SL committed. ♥ A rock / hard rock club is where the energy is. ====> I'd like to work at your rock club. <==== ♥ Late night sets cuz my RL is Arizona. SLT 8-12pm- ish "SHUT UP !!! Love that tune" !!! "Let's hurl some luvin' at our fabulous DJ." !!! Lalala HOoWeeoOoOU Lalala WHISPERS: Future snoops around for DJ
  5. Hi. Very nicely done. A friend & I spent a lot of time here the other night. We put on our skates and had a blast on the trails. The sim is sooooooo totally gorgeous !!!
  6. Very nice. Awesome SL home & I love the song too.
  7. Hi. Please keep me informed !!! I am a machinima film maker & will love to meet like-minded pixels. Haha. I own property where I build sets & film. It's almost reached prim count so I have to clean up a bit. Unfortunately I don't have room at my place. Wish I could offer you some space.
  8. I'm looking for sites where I can post my SL machinima films. I'd like to find people who are into this art form for chatting, exchanging ideas & sharing our work. Facebook groups or independent film sites ... yes.
  9. Very nice. It's super fun to write and film in SecondLife. The editing is awesome fun too. Fantastic !!!
  10. I'm looking for places where I can post my machinima videos. I have a Vimeo account and post there. SecondLife must have sites where we film makers can connect & share our work. I''m interested in machinima contests too. I'm working on a film called THE STORIES OF SAYAKA KAI. It's on VIMEO. FUTURE'S MUSIKRant
  11. Upgraded to Bento. Now prims I have created are shaking in and out of resolution. Sometimes they are clear and then they get blurring. I'm filming machinima so I'd like to figure this out. Will appreciate guidance.
  12. My 3D Connecxion mouse is not working completely in FireStorm. It will zoom in/out, up/down, side to side BUT will not allow the camera to spin around an object. Anybody know who to get this feature to "kick in"?
  13. Still struggling with the 3D connexion mouse. Very frustrating.
  14. Hi there. I'm still struggling with my 3D mouse. I've followed all the instructions but still no mouse action. Maybe there is something I'm still missing. Thanks
  15. Just purchased a 3Dconnexion mouse. It works fine in MineCraft, Kerbal etc but won't work in SL. I've tried everything I can think of. There is something I must be missing.
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