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  1. I have an alt that is premium and a beta user, and could not get logged into the forums. Tried everything. Asked for support, got told to raise a Jira, Jira said go back to support as the forums are 3rd party provided, finally after another 2 weeks support fixed it. If all else fails, you will need to raise a ticket, the Support Lindens are very very good.
  2. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Rolig_Loon/Local_Textures She beat you! (2013) Seriously. Rez a cube prim on the ground, the top face is Face 0. Edit the prim, go to contents add the script below, set Select Face, go to textures, add your local texture to the top face. Touch the prim. The UUID of the texture is in chat. touch_start(integer num) { llOwnerSay("Face 0 is UUID:"+llGetTexture(0)); } HTH.
  3. Just a word to the wise (I wasn't and wasted an hour), the texture must be exported from your chosen local image editor (I use GIMP) in a format that supports the alpha channel (png for me). Thanks for the tips on how to do this everyone. Avatar Complexity with Audohide: 50,081, and with an Alpha: 49257, every little helps...
  4. For all the vaunted 'free will' stuff, poor old Eve didn't get a choice at all. She was created married. Sometimes I feel like that. (PS. Holy Valentine, pray for us)
  5. Just a little information post: If you attach a V5-Autohide-in-a-prim set up to exactly the same cuts as the embedded V4-Autohide in the no-mod clothes BEFORE you put on the clothes, then when you remove them both the cuts are 'repaired'. Someone helped me to work this out on the Friends chat yesterday (big hug). I use CTS Wardrobe to automate clothing, and this is very useful. I attach the V5-Autohide-in-a-prim (a-prim) to the same attachment point, so when Wardrobe takes it off, the a-prim comes off too. Sequencing is important, just like with textures on a BoM. IM me for more if you need it. And thank you, Gryphon for all the superb support.
  6. It's amazing how Maitreya have gone from 'soon'(tm) to 'Now!'. Just spending a few minutes watching the conversation on the Friends chat is an eye opener. The only thing I have left on my wish-list is a way to replace V4 (and private) Autohide in no-mod clothes...
  7. I've had that for years. It doesn't. But thanks for the thought. I'm trying to do something different from the things the autohide kit is designed for. I'm trying to UN-hide, and it has no provision for that at all. I have asked Maitreya, but they don't seem to want to understand. What I'd really like is a way to do a man-in-the-middle on the channel/commands between the HUD and the body. Alternatively Maitraya could publish their HUD API so that we could make proper automation. I understand why they don't, mind. Edit: I have found a way to do what I want without scripting, so this is SOLVED.
  8. I would like to write some script to return a Maitreya body to a fully displayed state, with all the alpha cuts off. Does anyone know if (and how) this can be done? I presume the HUD does it by sending some command on some channel, and these are 'trade secrets'.
  9. The 'think' question to ask is 'what layer is the applier using' and then 'am I wearing it'.
  10. My dad (RIP) used to ask me to change the VCR. I think I was about 3. He could never quite get the hang of all the buttons.
  11. I have loads of Slink-only shoes. So I will be trying to use Slink redux feet with the V5 body with the feet alpha-cut later. Not super hopeful. The other idea is to make foot alphas for the slink shoes to remove just the poke-tru, another thing I'll try. I'm not complaining yet, loads of fun making this new stuff work!!! Edit: I went to the Maitreya Sim (I know, my bad...) and got the V5 Autohide and V5 Autofoot. 1) I'm using the Autofoot with CTS Wardrobe to auto-fit the right foot to the shoe, even if the shoe is no-mod, by adding a prim with the Autofoot script along with the shoe. This works well. 2) Adding a V5 Autohide for the feet to Slink Redux feet works okay. If you are hyper picky you can just see a line, but, hey, all those old Slink-only shoes....
  12. Be nice if they could get grid crossing working reliably again. Much higher priority for me than all the Barbie-doll stuff.
  13. That's how I have been doing autohide for mesh clothes since it was released. I prefer my own autohides (and will probably prefer my own alphas) as the creator's are usually far far too fierce. I keep trying to convince creators not to cut the tops of my legs off at the hem line - it's just there because they cant do skirt rigging properly.
  14. Never overestimate the people with their head in the bucket.
  15. Sometimes just getting a new alt, and sticking to it exclusively for a bit can help (I now have 3, and I'm not the first myself 😎). You have to resist the temptation to follow the well known paths (stores, bodies, heads, meeting places, gender!, ethnicity...) The fun of SL for me was always the discovery. When you arrive it seems vast, but it's actually a very small world. Sympathy Katt.
  16. I think the key question is: 'do you take the alpha off?'. If you take the alpha off, it's really BoM. That means that all the things (system layers: skins, tattoo, non-mesh clothes), but probably not alpha textures, get sent to the LL BoM server (which explains the delay), turned into one single texture and applied to the BoM layer. You may also have other layers.
  17. anna2358

    BOM problem

    Sometimes system shoes used as shoebases are editable, and then you can change the texture to a trans. But they are ever so easy to make your own if some weird creator has made theirs no-mod.
  18. One little add-on thought to Alyona Su's excellent explanation: The order that you wear the textures that go to make your 'baked' set matters. Face skin tattoo + eyebrows = happiness. Eyebrows + Face skin = no eyebrows. Well mostly, because there are complexities. I mention it as I don't see it explained often.
  19. I have this dream that one day someone will make a cellphone that is very small, wearable, and has no screen at all, and does basically what Alexa does, but better. Then I can use it when I'm running.... I don't actually have an Alexa, but I do have a nice Google Mini, that G sent me for free. Now I found out how to get the daft ***** out of it, and get a nice young man, I find it quite fetching. He even says 'Hi' by name... For SL, I will not use voice at all. Ever.
  20. If they are in a Rez Zone when I pass over, I drop the depth charge.
  21. As a fellow Linux user with low latency (but great bandwidth) to the LL Servers, can you share the debug settings that have helped?
  22. There are many types of clothing that cannot be 'alpha'ed by a HUD using alpha-cuts. I want both a HUD with alpha-cuts and a BoM with an alpha layer. I'm finding my Maitreya Lara without an alpha-layer a pain at times.
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