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  1. I'm getting 2 errors when I export my mesh clothes Chest is not defined in SL 462 weights not exported Limited weightcounts to 4 for 1133 verts in Group2648.000 I'm not an expert on blender so if somebody has seen this and solved the problem I would appreciate the help. I'm stucked right now, I've tried everything I can and know but to no avail.
  2. I tried everything but nothing is working right now. It says service unreachable I also get the "Error in upload request.."
  3. Images, meshes, sounds, animations, nothing I can't upload anything to sl for 2 days now
  4. I haven't been able to upload anything on second life for 2 days now, what should I do?
  5. With all these awesome features we have on SL, such as bento, bake on mesh, sl materials, shadows and ALM, I wonder about what's the right way of texturing mesh while keeping in mind all the features mentioned? I also want to know how does the majority of creators bake textures? I use the combined bake option on blender and that's it. Do people still blend AO maps to their final bake or do they bake each maps separately and combine them on PS? To be more specific, if I'm gonna make a table what's the best or most correct way of texturing it in 2018?
  6. My store is called Ramvii you can check that out on MKT to see what I have made. I'm looking for willing and talented bloggers to sponsor. Come hit me up in world: galatheus Resident or galatheussecondlife@gmail.com
  7. I'm in need of a photographer for my marketplace ads of men clothing items (for now). I usually make my own ads but I've decided to hire one now due to lack of time. OK for starters, read this below; Requirements: Must have a male mesh body (Slink and/or Signature) PS. Will also make unisex and female clothes in the future when i get my own fem devkits ) No particular experience required Below average or first time sl photographers/artists are also welcome to submit their applications Basically, anyone who loves creating art (i don't discriminate) and someone who has the insight for ad arts. Everything else not mentioned here can all be discussed in details/negotiated in-world via ims: "iiianii resident" and thru my email here: galatheussecondlife@gmail.com
  8. I see, I guess I just have to find other ways to edit my shorts manually now Thanks for the help tho, I appreciate it
  9. Thank you for the response I appreciate it. I tried your advice and it unfortunately didn't work for me. May I also add that what I want to do is to freeze the position on edit mode so I can model the seams underneath the shorts, I know should have added that in the beginning my bad. I'm adding that to the title now.
  10. I'm new to avastar and I'm learning as I go but right now I'm having a hard time modeling seams on my clothes. Is there a way to freeze the position of my mesh without unbinding it from the armature? I would appreciate all the help.
  11. The title says it all. I always get blurry textures even when I bake it on a larger image, soon as I downsize it to 1024 or 512 depending on size of the object I get a blurry result. Sometimes it messes up the image What should I do?
  12. A huge thank you Chic! Those videos were helpful I found what I was looking for
  13. One of the things that I have struggled with for a while now is getting the right brightness of my mesh. When I compare my stuff from others it seems like they all got it right while mine are either too dark or too bright. So when I put other creator's stuff together in a scene they all sync in nicely like it was made by one person but when I put mine next to them the color/brightness/contrast is off (too dark or too bright) I want to not have to worry about that and have a more efficient workflow. I hope I'm not in an island on this I guess my question is if there's a certain way to bake the textures to make the colors/brightness uniform with others or have the right brightness for sl?
  14. I know I'm aiming too high, esp for someone who does not have proper training on mesh making but I'm really really motivated. I want to know what it takes to make it to that level and I want to know what the pros do. I know it takes more than just having all the right software but I have to start somewhere, right? So if there's any pro out there who are willing to help I'd be glad to take your advice.
  15. I have been experimenting, and I can't seem to get a way to light up my mesh on blender evenly but at the same time getting that gloss/light information on certain parts without making the back look too dark. Is everyone just using the old 3 point lighting system? Is there other software I should use for texturing only? What am I missing here?
  16. Just a simple and easy question about the amount of samples for 512x512 image size. I have been struggling getting the right quality textures, if I can know the right amount of samples that way I would only do minimal work on PS afterwards. Thanks in advance! I have the default 200 = samples 32 = preview
  17. thank you for looking at this post I've spent days of researching about ways to tex prims esp. clothing to get high quality results. Are there other ways of texturing prims on second life to achieve those high resolution textures other artists on second life have been doing other than uv mapping or am I just missing a step or two? if so, some tips from the best out there wouldn't hurt I guess and would really help a soul out. thanks
  18. thank you so much for all those info, it gave me an idea how mesh objects work now. I've found out that you can select a face on edit mode and drop whatever texture you want to put on that face more power to you ChinRey!
  19. yeah it's a test upload and solely for personal use only. I'm trying to figure out texturing cuz it's the one that puzzled me the most and I want to know all the ways/most convenient way to do it and apply them all to my creations. I'm still new and learning and to see a prim with textures made on overlapping UVs makes it more confusing for me. is it to preserve texture resolution for objects with big UV maps?
  20. i've downloaded an obj file and it came with 2 separate textures Is there a way to combine them without repacking it's UV?
  21. Hello I uploaded a shirt which I created from MD and imported to blender for sl rigging. I noticed the neck area moves with the shoulder bones and I can't figure out how to fix it. I use the avastar plugin to rig it btw. I select the shirt along with the loops to bind it to armature. after that I deselect everything, shift click, selects the avatar along with the shirt and loops once more and click Apply weights. I found out that this procedure somehow makes the shirt move smoothly esp on the stomach area. without it, it makes the texture all look crappy when uploaded. but then the downside is that the collar area moves with the shoulder, so when my avatar raise his hands or does the same type of pose, it burries the collar in my avatar's neck.   What should I do? all mesh experts please enlighten me. I'm still new to this Thank you
  22. hi everyone, thanks for checking my thread i made a blog for newbies or just anyone who love fashion in sl i put together quality friendly budget outfits for men here it is http://menfashionmapsl.blogspot.com/ i hope you guys enjoy and support this thank you
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