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  1. You're welcome, please post here when you get your "A-ha" moment! Sorry my example was sloppy.
  2. Ok, here's an example (this is pseudo-code not real code). key NotecardQueryID=""; // Will be used if reading from Notecard via llGetNotecardLine handlenotecardresponse(string message) { llWhisper(0,question +"\n\n\n"); listenhandle=llListen(0,"",id,""); // Note that you will need to add code for the listen() event for handling any responses to this llSetTimerEvent(gap); // Note that you will need to add code for the timer() event } default { touch_start(integer total_number) { NotecardQueryID=llGetNotecardLine("NotecardName", 1); // Get first notecard line, save query id!! // Don't bother doing else in this function, we need to wait for the notecard } // end touch_start dataserver(key queryid, string data) { if (querid==NotecardQuerID) { // Yes! We got a notecard line back! handlenotecardresponse(data); } } // end dataserver }
  3. Notecard operations are "asynchronous"; the code will not wait, as the "read response" occurs in an event. The reader function would have to call llGetNotecardLine(), which will trigger a dataserver() event response. You would have to have your dataserver() event call another function after it gets the notecard line to continue processing.
  4. Beware the trolley at Luna, it goes off the tracks at the terminal stop for years now. I think it works OK in the other direction though.
  5. Putting it in one call, the actions occur faster - especially if you use lLSetLinkPrimitiveParmsFast()! (Except for any specific calls that have built-in delays). This is the main reason to use certain "multiple-call" formats. The code is clear if you structure it so that you can see each individual call llSetlinkPrimitiveParamsFast(link_number, [CONSTANT1, parm1, parm2, parm3, CONSTANT2, parm1, parm2, parm3, parm4]); etc.
  6. If we told you, it wouldn't be secret anymore, would it?!?!?
  7. "If your stool is blue for more than 1 week, contact your doctor."
  8. And Using Random Capital Letters Makes The Review Seem More Legit!
  9. Step 1 in "How To NOT Get Muted": Don't be a dick.
  10. Thanks! I was happy to see that Solarian has lion mods.
  11. You got my attention with "cat furry" since I'm a years-long neko. Could you please provide a link or specific search criteria to find the Solarian? Thanks!
  12. True, although I forgot to mention 2 things: 1) I got a "bargain" because someone listed it lower than they intended (they were trying to sell it to a specific person who was slow to buy and I jumped on it after seeing it listed for a few days), and 2) it is coastal adult. Even more true, in that I myself am in the situation you describe! I guess if everyone tries to sell their mainland to get private sims, there will be a land price crash. :-/
  13. With the private region "buydown", I'm considering selling my mainland. However, between the forums, auctions, etc. I cannot find many other people selling full adult mainland regions to compare. Can someone please tell me what a "good" price is these days (for the seller)? I'm hoping to make enough to help with my private region purchase/buydown.
  14. I saw this as a reason to get a private sim again. I have not had one for years, and recently bought mainland for the lower tier. Now, for an apparently investment of US$1200 ($600 setup + $600 "buydown"), I can get a private sim with the same $195 tier fee as I am paying now for mainland. Maybe, just maybe, since my mainland is adult coastal, I can somehow break even if I sell it first. Any thoughts?
  15. I hang out at a sim where griefers take delight in harrassing av's there with group chats. I am frequently sent instructions on how to block these unwanted chats, but only for 3rd-party viewers. How so you do it with the official LL viewer?
  16. Thanks for the helpful, if somewhat harsh advice. 28 year IT veteran here. I will check the log and/or RTFM. I have used AVAST before and decided to go with Norton this time. First time in 3+ years I've had trouble on this PC with this antivirus (if that's the cause). <3 LZ
  17. Hello! Over the years I've had zero problems with the SL viewer. Twice in the last couple weeks, I click the icon to launch the viewer and the shortcut is invalid! Should I assume my antivirus software (Norton 360) is quarantining/deleting the EXE? A re-install fixes it (the rest of the SL installation is still present just the EXE is missing so far as I can tell). Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, LZ
  18. Ok, but you agree with what ObviousAlt is telling me, that the error table is the values that will come back from calling llGetExperienceDetails() for list parameters "integer state, string state_message"?
  19. So..it's just the same error code/message for the current "experience state" which may be XP_ERROR_NONE/"No error "? How useful, not! Thanks! Was hoping there is some more useful "state" information than just "OK" vs. "last error".
  20. I've been studying the new Experience functions now that they are finally available. At http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetExperienceDetails, the returned list elements include "[string experience_name, key owner_id, key experience_id, integer state, string state_message, key group_id]" Nowhere does it say what "state" or "state_message" are. Any clue? The other new Experience functions seems to be documented a little better. Thanks!
  21. I was happy to find I can post ♥ or whatever UTF-8 character directly into LSL code, so I won't need the chr() function for my purposes. Yay!
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