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  1. thank you for replying, that is the intriguing part of it though, the website I linked doesn't charge via paypal or card, it charges from ur actual linden balance just like MP and i'm so baffled as to how they did that lol
  2. Hey all, I have come across some creators personal websites separate from SL that feature online stores such as this one: http://shoparmidi.com/login/?nextpage=/ which allow you to browse through the store on there and even purchase them which then incurs a delivery of the selected item into your SL viewer, just like marketplace, I'm just curious as to how to do it, I think it'd be a cool feature to shop directly from bloggers websites etc for the featured items and stuff
  3. Thank you for responding do you mind sharing your main specs or recommending me specs, I'm hopeless at computer shopping, I really have no idea what to look for & will probably end up wasting money. I find it confusing because you can buy a pc that's the same cost as a good gaming one yet it has nothing required for gaming I never play any other games and if I do it's only the sims 4, coaster planet and Games alike, & never really high demanding new games, so I really don't want to over spend on one either. My main focus is to get a system that allows SL to look more beautiful
  4. I don't mind running in general in medium/high, but i'd like to be able to take nice graphical pictures Processor Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.5 Ghz MEMORY Memory 4GB DDR2 STORAGE Hard drive 80GB DISPLAY Graphics Geforce GT710 1GB DDR3 PCI-E Graphics HDMI Port (it gives the option to upgrade to gtx750 1gb DDR5 which i will get if necessary) OTHER SPECIFICATION Optical Drive DVD Drive Sound On Board Soundblaster Compatible Wireless Available as an upgrade (See above) Networking Network Ethernet - Broadband ready Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit Condition Refurbished Rear I/O P
  5. Wow, there was certainly no need for the brash replies, thanks to those who gave a polite reply though, that's all I needed to know
  6. hello everyone, As a firm believer in playing by the rules when it comes to mesh/copyright to ensure the market is fair for all content creators and having come across products on the marketplace that are blatant replicas of real celebrities and such, which I am sure this is a violation according to the mesh registration, or am I incorrect? What should I do about it? I do try to flag as many copybotted and violating products as possible to help but I am unsure of what category to flag such products as, such as this, angelina jolie :) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/48745
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