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  1. Hay im looking for a interior designer to out fit our house on a private sim. if you meet the criteria below please message me in game (courtneyjames resident) own Dutchie Furniture & Homes & Gracefully Wicked Furniture or other high quality, low prim, quality animated furniture allow me and my partner to have edit rights for moving stuff around because the house could move position one day has a flickr of previous designs
  2. Nightfire Fire Department are you looking for something rewarding to do with your spare time in second life ? Nightfire is a warm family friendly role play community in second life where residents and role-players from all walks of life can come together and have a good time! Residents can find a peaceful, friendly place to call home. While role-players can join us in our unique scenarios putting our fire department to the text to protect life and property. We are always looking to recruit new and experienced staff for the department! Want to apply ? Contact Courtney J
  3. Done, Client was very clear about what they wanted Would definitely work with this person again
  4. You need to download a program called obs it stands for Open Broadcast Software its media not audio. so you can cast that entire laptop LIVE or webcams, web pages that are live like streamlabs. Link:https://obsproject.com/download Once you have downloaded and installed obs you should get like a setup thing go trough that and do that if not goto File ->Settings->Stream select your service as youtube and the server as "Primary YouTube ingest server" we will get your stream key in a minute. Goto youtube.com ->Log In->Click your display icon (top right)->CREATOR STUDIO
  5. .:Orchard Heights Roleplay:. We are hiring for Orchard Heights State Police & Orchard Heights Fire Department! Do you love roleplaying, are you good at it and you want to join in on the Orchard Heights fun? we offer high-quality homes for family's across 17 regions as well as a full sim dedicated to roleplay. Fire Station: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zambini/193/47/37 State Police Station: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zambini/70/27/37 Come visit and grab an application or feel free to message me on here and I will sort something for you inworld
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