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  1. The main problem I'm having is it's rediculously difficult to see the changes while editing the physics. For example, I can turn up the spring a huge amount and see no difference, but then when I turn the physics slider setting up and down, it goes crazy.
  2. Tried four different AOs with varying walk animations, it still simply doesn't seem to affect the physics as much when walking as it does when standing. I do have the physics setting on max, and I've tried messing with the slider just to "reset" the physics once in awhile.
  3. I've been messing around with my breast physics for over an hour, but I can't seem to get them the way I want. They're close, but not quite. For starters, I'm using SN Venus Gaea Breasts. What I want is for them to "slosh" when I'm walking. Since they're very large and have a natural look, if at all possible I would want them to look very fluid and soft. If a reference would help, Hitomi Tanaka would be accurate to what I'm trying to achieve with the breast physics. I've mostly gotten them to perfectly do what I want when standing still, but oddly enough when I'm walking, they sw
  4. I've been on Second Life for about four years now (Though this is my literal first time on the forums), but back in 2011 when I first started, I remember meeting someone with what she referred to as a "Custom avatar", and that it had cost 200 real life dollars. I was shocked, but impressed by her avatar. Since then, I recently considered trying to find out more about custom avatars. Fully aware that it could cost me 200 dollars at *least*, but I have not been able to find any information. I've been doing some research on the forums, I've seen people saying that, as I previously kne
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