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  1. POSSIBLY I might be taking a wild stab in the dark about this, but perhaps you might want to try contacting Catwa Clip, whose advert that is. ***Or you could ask people at random on the street****
  2. ALREADY sorted a reunion using Answers via GD, Caity. ***Just waiting for the thread requesting advice on pregnancy addons now***
  3. VOTE for me instead. ***Sorry, I don't have one of me in a bikini***
  4. THIS thread is sexist. ***What's wrong with a Mr Greek God?***
  5. SOMEDAY . . . ***I, for one, will welcome our new overlords*** My meme:
  6. PLEASE come back to this General Discussions forum to tell us how you get on, and remember to invite us all to the wedding, ***And feel free to return should you need to inform us what a two-timing cheat he is***
  7. YES and if you ask this question over on the Answers Forum I am sure that one of the kindly souls there will cut and paste the appropriate directions to your CHAT.TXT file where you will find your potential paramour's name, assuming you addressed each other in public chat before getting a bit more intimate. Whether your IMs are stored depends upon the settings in your preferences. ***But be prepared to be cross-examined regarding which operating system you are using, as it makes a difference***
  8. GOOGLE said it did not exist. ***But then, it denied the existence of LlewLlwyd as well***
  9. WHICH side would you like? ***as the actress said to the bish***
  10. MODERATION has two meanings, Derek. Protection of the hypersensitive and cognitively disadvantaged in the forums from those at the other extremes of online competence is obviously an unwritten subtext within the ToS. ***Regardless of the stupidity and ingenuousness demonstrated by those being protected***
  11. Kelli May wrote: And perhaps just as important... what image would we use? THAT is a question worth its own thread. *** But please don't ask it in Answers***
  12. PLEASE let us know if you get any offers. Employement [sic] offers, that is. ***Maybe you could ask Peter Gray if LL's PR function has any openings***
  13. Jezabell Barbosa wrote: We have a university that is not open. WHEREAS we have an Open University.
  14. Aethelwine wrote: it being they way they are handling things in Second Life, which is after all the context in which he was answering questions. HMMM so you feel comfortable with the likelihood that LL will continue to do things the way they always have? ***Despite Ebbe's continuing insistence that SL2 will NOT be compatible with the current SL***
  15. PLEASE can you let us know how it works out - over in the General Discussion forum preferably where we can really examine the viability of random anonymous partnership. ***I am particularly interested in the concept of "We don't ever have to talk or anything" , in respect of the relationship I have with my real life wife***
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