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  1. Who do I contact in order to have a purchase order, which I normally receive, sent to me? I received the purchase order for an order placed about 10 minutes later, but not the first one. And I do need it in order to contact the merchant for an item I purchased and only received part of. TYIA Clarifications: A purchase order is usually sent when you purchase something on the MP. It has all the information re: merchants that you purchased from. I know this. That is why I need the info on the purchase order. I purchased a gacha from a seller and only received one of three parts of the gacha
  2. I should have come back and mentioned that I managed to get it fixed. It was a driver issue.
  3. I'm having the same problems and I've done everything suggested. I even changed the Windlight to the blingly bright Nam's Optimal Skin 1 and the problem still remains and I can see it on every mesh avatar. I updated the driver, reapplied the skin, fiddled with the settings and set it to Ultra. None of it has removed the problem, only slightly lessened it. Any other suggestions would be great.
  4. If you want people to actively use the land, you need to make sure that people know your expectations. I'm a little disappointed in the fact that you closed the last one in March, kicked us all out, and are now rebooting fresh and have the same problems as before. I was actively using the land and you know that well. But, outside of the first time we talked, you never talked to me again outside of warning me regarding a structure that someone might boot because of prim size (and I thank you for that as I had no idea it contained that many prims). At least one other member was also a little ups
  5. Are you still doing this? I joined the group the other day and everytime I've looked, it has said that I can't build or drop objects here. I am new so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to expect in regards to possibly building here. Any info would be appreciated.
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