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  1. I've always found chocolate to be a great way to make friends,anyway. lol
  2. doing the same thing I do every day I log into SL... playing dress up.
  3. ooohhh.... mead. You are sooooo forgiven. takes the mead and savors it
  4. I KNEW IT!!! I'm CRUSHED you didn't share that with me!! CRUSHED, I say!!! lol
  5. That card is great, if someone else is paying the bill.
  6. only if you use them wrong. Once you get the ferret involved, all bets are off.
  7. fine. I'll bring the feather duster, honey dust and chocolate sauce then.
  8. oooohhh.... soooo many things you can do with duct tape and popsicle sticks. I'll bring the canned whipped cream and cotton balls.
  9. You mean we aren't friends ?!?!?! *gasp* I'm CRUSHED!!! CRUSHED, I tell you!!!
  10. only the best chocolates for friends.
  11. Since you asked nicely. Yes, I'll share the chocolate with you. *Shares her chocolate with Orwar*
  12. I've been gone a while myself. I'm only just now starting to log back in again. I've been pretty much a loner, in game, but am now looking to change that. So, feel free to send me a friend request.
  13. It's only polite. Not my fault your fetish is wearing a handkerchief over your mouth in Switzerland.
  14. I never mentioned sharing with you. Unless, of course, you ask nicely. lol
  15. ooohhh.... I'm going to load up on the good chocolate!!!!
  16. I've recently opened up a shop on the Marketplace. However, I don't have demos. Do I provide the demos with the exact textures I'll be selling or can I just make a texture that says " demo" on it and put that on the dress form? What's the best way to make the demos? All help is appreciated. thanks
  17. all fair points. I'm still really new at this, so all constructive criticism is appreciated.
  18. I'm sooo sorry about that. It looks like I made all the sizes, just didn't include them in the packaging. =( I sent you the Maitreya. Again, I'm sooo sorry for the mixup.
  19. thanks, I appreciate it. I'll work on that banner.
  20. I recently started a fashion store on the MP. However, I'm wondering if there are any active groups or classes or whatever that helps new merchants learn the ins and outs of business in SL. I'm also looking for any fashion designer groups that I can learn from. I don't want to do too much, too fast and have my store go kaput. So, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Catrie CatCo Studios
  21. he's trying to find a chubby mesh body. we've tried doing the appearance thing, with the ones that came with the game and it's just not what he's looking for.
  22. I have a friend that wants me to help him with his avatar. I'm good with the fashion part, but he wants " a chubby body" ( his words). I've tried looking on the Marketplace, but the few I'm finding just aren't that great. Are there any really good bigger mens avatars out there? I feel like I'm missing something.
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