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  1. Truth hair is my staple hair. I have purchased other brands, but Truth is the one I go to time after time. In fact, if you look at my pics, they all feature Truth hair. When I first joined SL, a friend gave me some Truth hair and I've been hooked ever since. There are a couple of brands that I just absolutely LOVE and this is one of them. I recommend it to EVERYONE!!
  2. *gasp* Your wanton display of flesh will inflame the senses of decent men everywhere, you trollop!!! :
  3. The feet are kind of essential, especially if you want to wear quality shoes. I'd also add that a mesh body,head and hands are essential. There are places you can join to get free gifts of quality skins, hair and clothes. Spend your money on the base and everything else you can slowly build up.
  4. Weekend's over for me. Back to work. uugh
  5. *whines* I don't wanna finish cleaning out my inventory and cleaning up my wardrobe. I wanna go clubbing!!! Now, to figure out where to go....
  6. I had to allow myself only a couple of items... this was one of them. lol I love EF's stuff. It's always worth the price
  7. When you feel that sneeze starting to come on....
  8. Dr Pepper procured. All is right in the world....for the next 5 minutes, anyway.
  9. It's by Empyrean Forge and it's currently available at this month's FaMESHed for 299L.
  10. Went on a little trip to Route 66, took TONS of pics and had waaaay too much fun. lol
  11. Maybe you should instead look into one of the sims already out there and get some experience yourself. Look at what they're doing right and what you could improve in yours in the future.
  12. took a ton of pics this morning and still weeding through them. Haven't uploaded this one to my Flickr yet, though.
  13. The true reaction for a spider in the house. Kill it with fire!!!
  14. You look adorable. love the boots.
  15. I'm always up for a bit of shopping. I have an eensy, weensy, so tiny it's barely there, shopping problem. lol I just came back to the game myself and never really got into the social aspect of it. Though, I am open to changing that and meeting new people. lol
  16. Head: Lelutka - Simone Bento Head Body: Maitreya Lara V4.1 Shape: BeloD - Aya shape for Bento head Simone Skin: Plastik - Draziele - Astaroth Eyeshadow: Arte - Verity Set 03 Lipstick: Arte - Spring Lip Balm Horns: Plastik - Tangle - Dreamer Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Cinnamon Eyes - Queen of Ink - Honey Outfit: Canimal - Boyfriend Shirt and Corset Jewelry: Plastik - Trellion Necklace Shoes: Glamistry - Lantana Ankleboots
  17. Yesterday was my Friday, so went out a bit last night. Took a bit of a breather before heading out.
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