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  1. I'm not just delicious, I'm MAGICALLY delicious. lol Have you ever heard of a bad tasting Dryad? We're sort of like the Tootsie Roll pops...
  2. Saw this on Mesh Body Addict's site. Love the description. lol
  3. without the picture, that could be taken sooooooo many ways.
  4. If I'm available, I'd be glad to help out. Though, I do love looking at the shots you take of your alt.
  5. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle
  6. getting head is always a good thing. lol
  7. I had a Logo head for a while and really liked it. you might try Esodes. I *think* I got some free skins from them that worked with Logo.
  8. I am all for boys in the girl's shops. If you need a second opinion, I'm your girl!! Let's go shopping!! We'll have tons of fun!!!
  9. yeah, I've gotten enough unsolicited ones privately. I don't need to go on Flickr to find one to " like".
  10. I posted a pic on Flickr today and I was checking the "Likes". I checked the profile of one, that was unfamiliar to me. It was some dude that has only posted RL pics, including one of his "member". lol Why would you post a pic of that on Flickr? just why? ahahahahah
  11. finally got around to playing with this outfit. Head: Lelutka - Simone Bento Head Body: Maitreya Lara V4.1 Shape: BeloD - Aya shape for Bento head Simone Skin: Plastik - Draziele - Astaroth Eyebrows: alaskametro " Glimmer" eyebrows Eyeshadow: Izzie's - Daisies Eye Makeup Lipstick: alaskametro " Aquatica" makeup palette Horns: Plastik - Swyrl - 24K Gold Face tattoo : Izzie's Spring Flowers Face Paint Piercing: Blaxium - Salma Piercings for Lelutka Simone, Bubble - Basic Trio Dermal Piercing Set Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Ophelia Eyes - Queen of Ink - Honey Outfit: lassitude & ennui - Phoenix outfit with wings - Black Rings: Belle Epoque - Enya - Gold Shoes: KC - Genesis boots
  12. Was playing around with some of my DecoCrate goodies.
  13. Had some issues staying connected today. Was able to explore a little bit, though.
  14. pretty sure my internet hates me today. It's sooooo slow. SL keeps kicking me out. I just want to play dress up and take pics. Is that really so much to ask for.
  15. I'm avoiding clearing out my inventory ( it REALLY needs done) and instead tried a face tattoo fit for a Dryad. I think I might like it.
  16. That looks AMAZING!!! And that's totally awesome!!!! I'm excited for you!!!
  17. I didn't mean to, but somehow I ended up making a sexy librarian. >.<
  18. 1. Offer them chocolate. Almost everyone likes chocolate.
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