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  1. Hey, they're showing restraint if they still want to run through the gallery and THEN find a sex bed.
  2. not yet. She's still fairly new, in this incarnation. I call her an Urban Dryad, but I'm still fleshing out what that means. I think her backstory will unfold little by little. I'm in no hurry to discover where's she's been, but rather where she's going.
  3. You look like an angry baseball coach. lol
  4. My Friday. Just DON'T want to get out of bed to go to work.
  5. Technically, I logged on in the middle of the night. Sadly, she didn't get into any trouble while I was away.
  6. They all look great. The great thing is you don't have to decide on a "final" look. Play, explore, try new things. My look is really recent, like about a month or so now. I'm still exploring, adding, subtracting, etc with it.
  7. today I learned that I really need to check my full outfit before taking pics. Wore 2 hairstyles, but didn't notice until afterwards, because they were colored the same. >.<
  8. OMG!! I LOVE this place!! @Orwar introduced me to the place and now I practically live there for my photos.
  9. I saw someone, at a fair, that had over 250k complexity. It was insane. Like why do that to you and everyone around you?
  10. IM me. I'm on at random hours. Send me questions either here or in game. I don't mind answering " how do I" questions.
  11. I was at a shopping event this morning and a guy messaged me about where I got part of my outfit, because he thought his girlfriend would love them. I was more than happy to tell him where I got it and gave him the SLurl of the event I got it from.
  12. I realise that I'm only just now starting my photo and styling game, but I hope that one day my skills reach even a tenth of yours. I bow down to you.
  13. I will neither confirm nor deny that it does indeed feel good if someone caresses my horns. lol
  14. Your friend will have try and find out. lol I don't bite....unless asked. lol
  15. I'm a Dryad because I didn't want to try to fiddle with trying to put on elf ears. Besides, changing my horns is pretty fun... though I usually wear the same set for most things. lol
  16. This is my Thursday. yay for call center jobs with weird schedules.
  17. that moment when you can't decide on what color you want to buy the outfit in and there isn't a fatpack available... also... that moment you realise you were wearing 2 different hairs in your last photo shoot, but didn't detect it because they were both colored the same, until afterwards.
  18. Head: Lelutka - Simone Bento Head Body: Maitreya Lara V4.1 Shape: BeloD - Aya shape for Bento head Simone Skin: Plastik - Draziele - Astaroth Eyebrows: alaskametro " Glimmer" eyebrows Eyeshadow: Izzie's - Daisies Eye Makeup Lipstick: alaskametro " Aquatica" makeup palette Horns: Plastik - Tangle - Dreamer Face tattoo : Izzie's Spring Flowers Face Paint Piercing: Blaxium - Salma Piercings for Lelutka Simone, Bubble - Basic Trio Dermal Piercing Set Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Natalie & Sorcha Eyes - Queen of Ink - Honey Outfit: MasKara - Jungle Princess Skirt & Top - Olive Rings: Belle Epoque - Enya - Gold Shoes: Mosquito's Way - Raisie
  19. Went to the Fantasy Collective and picked up a couple of things..
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