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  1. Releasing an On Land Stilt at 10:45 SLT at Bucanneer, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Buccaneer/165/108/21 Also another fantastic location log home - facing the water, and water on 2 sides http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Traderest/73/78/51
  2. This is my Havana Stilt home, plain, simple and fresh, I love being in this region,
  3. That used to be mine for quite some time, loved that spot
  4. and I like the idea of the houseboats being there, it is good to have a mix, so which client will they please?
  5. Has any body actually seen what the stilt home area looks like yet? Perhaps judgement should be reserved until then. As with all the themes, there are some areas that suit one person and some that suit another, and if they don't suit the Game of Homers jump around until they find the perfect spot for them. There is only one area with the houseboats, and houseboats feature all over Bellisseria, there are plenty of others that can be grabbed, and let go, and grabbed again. I am sure each and everyone of you will eventually find your perfect home, as you have with the other themes.
  6. Mmmmm, that's your choice, not their's. One should be enough, I have more than one, but that is my choice! I don't complain about it, they didn't ask you to have 6 accounts how many houses can you live in at once? Just saying!
  7. I agree, and I think we should all be grateful for what the Moles and Lindens do here, its amazing. Shall we go back to how it used to be? These are only supposed to be starter homes, all areas have their flaws in some peoples eyes, but really they are so few and far between. Let it be and just enjoy all the great things that have been achieved and just say thank you.
  8. A beautiful log home, water facing in Jarka http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jarka/168/48/54 Going back 7:00 am
  9. I have this at the moment, but will be throwing it back later!
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