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  1. I am talking about what happens in the LL Viewer if you right-click an object inworld; like when you're building. I figured out how to stop the stupid particle stream by unchecking something in Debug Settings ( not exactly sure what now, off the top of my head, but no matter - managed that!) There are zillions of these Debug settings and it is a bore trawling through them. But trawl through them I did, but I never found the one that could disable the pointing thing. Is it in there? Or do I need to have a scripted attachment?
  2. Hey! great LM you gave me. I am not going to go for this myself, but this is a good example of "not young,not old".
  3. Thing is, I dont want the grey beard look, and the only wrinkles required are the result of consternation rather than old age! Actually, it seems easier to find "grey beards and wrinkles" than "slightly world-weary and harassed, PLUS lost that youthful glow". ..trading stereotypes here, I know. Been thinking about this while at work today ... maybe it is the hardest thing to do, skin-wise. Like, the extreme is easier to texture than the intermediate. I realise skin-creation is a VERY finessed texture process - I am in awe of what the creators paste on to the basic template. Like how many layers do they use? umpteen, I reckon. Anyway, these skin maestros can go to town with the visual clues of old age, but I imagine it is trickier to suggest 40/50 rather than 70. @ Bobbie ..had a quick look;more like what I was thinking of ...
  4. (hope I'm not transgressing any Forum or TOS or "intellectual property" rules by reproducing these images ...) The first one looks like 25 to me. The second one looks like 35 . Both belong to the "Adonis" category for me. Please dont get me wrong, I very much appreciate your response. Possibly, your notion of "prime of life" and mine are not quite the same!
  5. Do I mean "middle-aged" ? Possibly. I have tried visiting inworld shops, looking on Marketplace, and searching previous queries on this Forum - but, no luck. In my searches, I have found lots of very well-made skins; but the vast majority are the Adonis type, although I did find some excellent "old man" ones. Maybe if I was wanting to present myself inworld as a distinguished professor or a 70 yr. old subsistence farmer with soil ingrained in his wrinkles, then these would be just the ticket. But that is not what I'm after. So, if any kind soul out there knows of either a shop or creator that has skins that suggest that "prime of life" thing, please share.
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