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  1. Hello out there, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, very sorry if it is not. Was wondering if anyone knows of any DD/BG . Daddy dom / Babygirl places to hang out, and meet people. I have tried searching on my own, but either, no one is around , it seems, or it is no longer in existence. Not looking for hard core sex sims. Am really just looking to meet other people that are into the DD/BG lifestyle. If anyone knows of anything, please message me inworld Avi name is the same inworld. or message me here, Thank you for time, and have a great day and Again, very sorry if i posted in the wrong place.
  2. Welcome back , I came back not long ago myself. Feel free to friend me if you like. and margaritas are yummy, now i want one. LOL
  3. Am back after some time away. A bit about me. I am on eastern time, however am a night owl. so hope pretty late, i like to go dancing, and shopping to, a girl always needs new shoes. I am also submissive, however i don't shove me lifestyle on others. I enjoy meeting new people. If you would like to chat sometime, or hang out. you can message here. or im, inworld. also you can send a nc if you wish to, I know im sometimes get capped. my in world name is the same . Akashala. have a wonderful day
  4. Hello Dona. If i can give you a piece of advise. While i do give you credit for putting yourself out there. If you get any replies to your post , use caution and ask alot of questions, I to put a post looking for the same thing, and got usesd and spit out. There are places you can go that can guide you while you serach . Omega , and open Collar are a few that i am aware of. If you would like the Lm , i would be very happy to give them to you. You can look me up in world if you would like. Good luck to you.
  5. sounds really awesome. I will have to come and check it out .
  6. Was not sure where to post this sense there does not seem to be an area for it. I would really like to meet some people to talk to and hang out with. hopefully have lasting friendships with, seems like i have people on freinds list, you say hi, and thats the end of the conversation. also if there is anyone out there , that knows where to go on maybe getting helpfull advice in things in Sl that would be awesome as well. I don't know a whole lot of people and this seems to be the only place to go , where you might be able to find people to help you. anyway thanks for your time if your reading this. and if you would like to have someone to hang out or have someone to chat with feel free to respond here, or im me in world. have a great day .
  7. Hi Angelamie. i will look you up inworld, have just comee back from a break myself
  8. Have been wanting to be a submisave for a long time now. Just not sure how you go about finding a Dom/Master and one who would have patince in someone new to the lifestyle as i have never done so before. was wondering if there is anywhere that you can go to seek answers to any questions you might have about the lifestyle. or that could offer advise. if there were any places that were open to new people . not intrested in (gor) just the bdsm lifestyle. any help or advise that you can give me would be greatly appricated .
  9. I am looking for a clan that might be accepting new members. and that like to role play from time to time. I used to be in bloodlines along time ago ,when i first came into SL. Had to take sometime away for awhile. you can im me inworld, or send a reply. look forward to hearing from you. take care. thanks so much for your time.
  10. Hi out there. would like to make friends and hopefuly form lasting friendships.Things i like to is exploring, dancing, and i also like to Rp. Have been finding it hard to get to know people here, as many places i go already have there own cliques,so not many really chat in local. and if i do get the once in a blue moon im, it is someone hopeing for pixel whoopie. lol :) anyway thanks for taking the time and reading this. have an awesome day. hope to hear from you soon. you can reply here, or send me a message inworld .. :)
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